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“Thank You so very much. You made everything so easy from signing up for Medicare, dates and coverage. I can’t say enough just a great experience.”                                                                                           Diane

From our Customers

Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Yuko K.
05:19 28 Jun 22
I watched Matthew Claasen’s video and learned so much about Medicare. I like his low key yet very detailed information. So by the time I called, I had some basic idea of what I wanted, but yet I had so many more questions. Marcene answered all my questions precisely to the point and made the whole process easier. I appreciate your service.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Lori C.
23:31 22 Jun 22
Vondrea Moss was awesome! She was so patient and got me through the whole process seamlessly! She even got singed up for Part D. Great experience!
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Carol S.
17:56 21 Jun 22
Entire staff extremely friendly and helpful. Marcene made sure I understood the policy provisions of the plan I chose. There was never any pressure or effort made to sway me to choose a different plan.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
umbro U.
04:58 21 Jun 22
Medigap Seminars provided for a smooth process enrolling in Medicare Supplement and Part D Prescription Plans for both me and my husband! Matthew's excellent educational videos, Nicole's great customer service, and Tristan's depth of knowledge & customer first focus all contributed to a very efficient experience versus what could have been a much longer, more challenging process without them. Instead, we were able to quickly get the answers we needed, identify the best options, and complete the enrollment process, knowing we had knowledgeable & experienced people at Medigap Seminars helping us every step of the way. Medigap Seminars' professionalism & excellent customer service was much appreciated and, honestly, not all that easy to find these days!
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Dan W.
20:21 17 Jun 22
It's all about customer service at Medicare is complicated and it totally stressed me out when I first started the journey of trying to figure it all out.Initially, I searched YouTube and was fortunate to discover Medigap Seminars and Matthew Claussen. After contacting them, I was thoroughly impressed when I received a Skype call from the owner himself who spent over an hour talking me through the process and getting me placed in the best plans for my needs and my wallet.Since then, the follow-up care, over the past few years, has been exemplary. This brokerage is truly one of the best that I've dealt with throughout my 68 years. They make sure I'm always in the best plans for my bucks and keep me on my toes with all of the deadlines and renewals.A special shout-out for Marcene, my personal care agent. I'm a terrible procrastinator about returning calls, but she's relentless about making contact with me. Just today, she spent over an hour with me on the phone going through an application to a new provider, all in order to save me money while keeping me in the coverage I need. Excellent job Marcene!I highly recommend you contact these folks, whether you are just starting out on the confusing journey through Medicare or you just want to make sure you are getting the best deal out there.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Robert G.
22:43 16 Jun 22
Many persons have to deal with the unsavory prospect of going through a very unnecessary complicated, life threatening political policies that make the retirement a minefield. I am thankful for MediGap Seminars for being frank and speaking some of the uncomfortable truth. I appreciated Marcene being firm with me. I had mistaken policies of the prescriptions plans for those that didn't sign during the signup period for Medicare A and B. Is it possible for Congress, and the President to understand that the common Medicare A and B needs more skin in the game. Our skin is already payed for. It was payed forward being a productive member of society, raising families, financially supporting our children in college.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Kevin C.
23:46 15 Jun 22
You know, sure Matthew's videos are just amazing and are what won me, but he also has staff members that do all the paperwork and handle the phone calls so I would highly recommend Marcene and this company.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Douglas B.
16:32 15 Jun 22
Vondrea and Deb both provided excellent knowledge and time to easily navigate the circus of Medicare. Highly recommend watching Medigap videos prior to any discussion to increase ease. Great team!
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
mike K.
18:17 11 Jun 22
My wife and I started watching these very informative and easy to understand videos by Matthew. He's the best on the internet. I am turning 65 in August. My wife called his 800 # and spoke with a wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable representative Marcene Alexis. She answered all of our questions and believe me we had many. Always very patient and willing to help. We are in the process of signing up with her assistance. I will recommend everyone to use this company and definitely recommend Marcene as well.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker
Colleen E.
15:29 09 Jun 22
The videos were very helpful to learn about Medicare and the many choices that need to be made. I feel we were able to select a plan that took care of our needs. We were very educated in what we were receiving. All of our questions were answered.Tristan was very knowledgable about the products available and was able to answer any questions we had before we made our decision.
Independent Medicare Insurance Broker

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Independent Medicare Insurance Broker

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Independent Medicare Insurance Broker

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