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Frank F.Frank F. ★★★★★ Excellent help! Answered questions clearly and concisely. Had patience and understanding. Thank you Jordan!Ah J.Ah J. ★★★★★ Vondrea was so helpful, answered my questions, taught me what I needed to know to make an informed and empowered decision. I highly recommend! I found this company and Vondrea online and because of the truth and honesty chose to talk to them. I have found nothing but goodness and ease when working with them and her. I highly recommend for anyone looking for answers. She called me to inform me of problems one company might be having and we worked out another company I can use and filled out necessary forms very quickly and efficiency. Thank you Vondrea and MedigapSeminars!Response from the ownerThanks for your kind remarks. I'll make sure Vondrea gets this message too! gene H.gene H. ★★★★★ Always available with truthful and helpful information. Great follow-up and yearly advice. Thank you for all you do to help others.Response from the ownerThank you Gene! Alberta B.Alberta B. ★★★★★ Matthew's videos were so informative. This process couldn't have been easier. I appreciate all Lilly's help, with the necessary information to make an important decision. Thank you Medigap Seminars!Bob M.Bob M. ★★★★★ Jordan was wonderful to work with! Professional, friendly and polite. Thanks for making my first experience with Medicare such a positive one. All my questions were answered thoroughly, and we found the exact coverage that made the most sense for my specific needs. Highly recommended!Michael E.Michael E. ★★★★★ We had Jordan with us today for a phone conference. She was very professional, well versed with the insurance we were looking into, she answered all our questions without hesitation. We will be calling her back in Open Enrollment for help.Thank you,Mike and Amy EschBC C.BC C. ★★★★★ Matthew,I want to let you know that Jordan Daniels did an excellent job assisting me in the process of setting up for my Medicare supplemental Plan. She was particularly patient and kind while walking me through the steps that are required to complete the forms. She was articulate when reading back the confirmation numbers and verifying that I had completed the information I needed. She inquired multiple times throughout the process if I had any questions she could answer and she let me control the pace of the call making sure I was comfortable with what we were doing.You have a Great Employee there and the admins that assisted me when calling it we always kind, courteous and respectful.Matthew, I appreciate all your effort in creating the YouTube Videos, they were very informative and convinced me to select you services of many others that have been bombarding me with mail and phone calls….ThanksBrianBarbara M.Barbara M. ★★★★★ We have been with Medigap Seminars for a few years now. Their customer service is awesome and they are always looking out for our welfare. Our most recent visits on the phone were with Jordan and Nicole and both ladies did an amazing job- even spending a lot of time filling out new applications (for the two of us) to apply for a cheaper supplement. Highly recommend! PS they don't just represent one or two supplement companies - they represent a lot more- therefore, giving us a lot better chance of getting a good price.Kay B.Kay B. ★★★★★ I had a very good experience. Jordan was very helpful. She made the process easy for me. I definitely would recommend.Real Recovery G.Real Recovery G. ★★★★★ I needed much hand holding in making my health care decisions. I am just converting to Medicare Part B and knew I had options, but wasn't sure what direction to go. This was true for Part B and Part D. Between Matthews informational video and Vondrea help I was able to make informed decisions. I have exceptional online skills and I still needed assistance in making a decision. I am grateful for the team approach Medigap Seminars provided. I am all set.js_loader

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Find out about Medicare Basics and compare plans. Our mission is to help our clients make informed decisions about their Medicare choices.

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A free online, on-demand series of webinars designed to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about Medicare.

Your Questions Answered

You’ll find in-depth articles and videos on our website covering everything you need to know about Medicare.

However, here are the answers to some of the most common questions we get about Medicare and insurance brokers.

The federal Medicare program is a health insurance program for individuals 65 years of age or older or under 65 with permanent disabilities. The federal government runs the program, and it is the largest health insurance program in the United States. There are four parts to Medicare: Original Medicare (Part A and Part B), Medicare Advantage (Part C), and Medicare Part D for prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage plans are an alternative to Original Medicare, also known as Part C. Medicare beneficiaries can purchase these plans from private insurers that have contracted with the program. Everything covered by Original Medicare will be covered by a Medicare Advantage plan. It also typically comes with additional benefits such as coverage for prescription drugs, vision, and dental care.

Private insurance companies offer Medigap (also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance) plans. You still remain enrolled in Original Medicare, but Medigap, as the name implies, fills in the gaps. The advantage of Medicare Supplement Insurance is that your out-of-pocket costs will be lower than with a Medicare Advantage plan.

Many Medicare beneficiaries prefer a Medigap plan because it gives them more flexibility in choosing doctors and hospitals.

An independent  Medicare broker is an independent agent that specializes in helping people enroll in Medicare and works with all the major insurance companies. A broker can help you understand your options and enroll in the plan that best meets your budget and your needs.  They work in your best interest.

We often interchange the term Independent Medicare Insurance Agent and independent Medicare insurance broker.  The key is that they are independent.

On the other hand, insurance agents often represent one specific insurance company and can only offer you the plans offered by that company.  They are obligated to the company, not you.

When shopping for Medicare coverage, it's important to work with someone who has your best interests in mind; an independent insurance broker.  At Medigap Seminars, our team of Medicare supplement brokers is here to help you navigate the complex world of Medicare and find the right coverage for you.

A Medicare broker can help you understand your Medicare options and enroll in the plan that best meets your needs. A broker can also help you compare different plans and find the one that offers the best value for your situation.

When you work with a Medigap Seminars broker, you can be assured that you are getting unbiased advice and service. We are not tied to one insurance company, so we can offer objective advice to help you choose the right coverage.

Experience - A deep knowledge of the Medicare system is critical when choosing a broker. Make sure to ask about a potential broker's experience with enrolling people in Medicare. At Medigap Seminars, our expertise is in one area, and we don't offer auto or life insurance as some of the bigger companies do.

You'll also find that we regularly update our articles and YouTube videos to provide you with the most up-to-date information on the Medicare landscape.

Objectivity - It's important to work with a broker who is not tied to one insurance company. This way, you can be sure that you are getting unbiased advice regarding Medicare products.

Service - A medical insurance agent should be both compassionate and able to answer all your questions. Our agents are passionate about helping you find a plan tailored to your requirements.

Reviews - Be sure to check out reviews of potential brokers before making a decision. You can find 5-star testimonials for Medigap Seminars on our Reviews Page and on third-party sites like BBB and Yelp.

You can contact a Medicare broker at any time. However, we would suggest the best time is before you turn 65 or if you are thinking about changing your current plan. You should be aware that you may have a limited time to enroll in a Medicare plan, so it's important to start the process as soon as possible.

The easiest way to find an independent Medicare broker near you is to contact Medigap Seminars. We have a team of independent Medicare brokers ready to help you understand your Medicare options and enroll in the best plan. We operate in all 50 states, so we can help you no matter where you live.

It's in our best interest to provide our customers with unbiased advice. We are not tied to one insurance company, so we can offer objective advice to help you choose the proper coverage. You'll see from our many testimonials that our customers have been happy with the service and advice they've received from us.

If your situation changes and you need to switch plans, our team can also help you with that process. We can help you understand your new coverage options and enroll in the plan that suits your current situation.


No, you do not pay any extra fees for using a Medicare broker. The insurance companies that offer Medicare plans pay commissions to the brokers who enroll people in their coverage. These commissions are built into the price of the plan, so there is no additional cost to you.


Working with an independent Medicare insurance broker is the best way to find the right coverage for your needs.

The first step is to set up a free consultation with one of our brokers. We will ask you questions about your situation and coverage needs during the consultation. We will then provide you with information about the different Medicare plans that are available. Once you have chosen a plan, we will help you enroll in the coverage.

  • Assisting with enrollment - A broker can help you understand the enrollment process and ensure that you enroll in the right plan.
  • Answering your questions - A broker can answer your questions about Medicare and help you find the information you need to make the best decision about your coverage.
  • Educating you about your options - A broker can educate you about your Medicare coverage options and help you compare different plans.
  • Medical underwriting - A broker can help you with the medical underwriting process and help you find a plan that you can get approved for.
  • Building a relationship - There may be times when you need to talk to someone about your coverage or make a change to your coverage. A broker can help you with both of these things and build a relationship with you so that you feel comfortable working with them in the future.
  • An independent Medicare insurance agent or broker works in your best interest to help you find the right solutions based on your needs and budget.

The cost of Medicare changes every year.  For most Medicare enrollees, Medicare Part A is already paid for, Medicare Part B has a monthly premium, as does Part D.


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Independent Medicare Insurance Broker

As one of the nation’s premier independent Medicare insurance brokers, our mission is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your Medicare. 

If you are new to Medicare by just turning 65 or simply new to Medicare Part B, or if you have an existing Medicare Supplement and due to recent price increases want to know if it’s an overpriced Medicare Supplement, we can help. 

Call us at 800-847-9680 or our Quote Request form on this website to request a free Medicare quote. Our services are free to you, the consumer.


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