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I am an independent Medicare insurance broker.  Our company mission is to provide you with the information you need so that you can make an informed decision about your Medicare choices. Because I am an independent Medicare insurance broker, I offer all Medicare Supplement Plans (aka Medigap Plans) from all major carriers coast-to-coast and Medicare Advantage plans by Humana and AARP / United HealthCare in the state of Florida.  See our videos on how to shop for the right Medicare Part D prescription drug plan for your needs.  

We understand the situation you are in.  Learning about Medicare and making the right decision about your healthcare can be stressful and frustrating.  We hope the free information on this website will help you end that frustration and uncertainty. As an independent Medicare insurance broker, we make certain this information is without product bias.  Whether you prefer to sit back and read our articles on Medicare and the plans available to you, watch our online on-demand video series All About Medicare or participate in a free private consultation, our goal is to help you learn all you need so that the Medicare decisions you make are based solid information and years of experience.

Because I am an independent Medicare insurance broker, I offer ALL Medicare Supplement plans and work with virtually all major insurance carriers from coast-to-coast, We are independent Medicare insurance brokers, not employed by an insurance company.  The guidance we offer will always be that which is in your best interest.  In Florida only, we also offer Medicare Advantage plans from the top insurers. 

Medicare Supplement Plans

As an independent Medicare insurance agent, we offer all Medicare Supplement plans from all major carriers, coast-to-coast.  Our role is to help you find the right Medicare plan for your needs and your budget.  Over 70% of those on Medicare choose a Medicare Supplement plan to help supplement their Medicare Part A and Part B by filling the gaps; the co-pays and deductibles that Medicare leaves as your obligation.  With a Medicare Supplement plan you can reduce your obligation to zero or just a couple hundred dollars.  With an independent insurance broker, you can avoid ever overpaying for your insurance coverage.

 What we do for you:

  • Share our knowledge and insight based on our 30+ years of industry experience.
  • Help you understand your Medicare and Social Security options so that you maximize your benefits and avoid common mistakes and surprises.
  • Share research information and pricing on ALL your Medicare Supplement plan choices.
  • Help you choose the plan that is right for your needs and your budget.
  • Guide you through the entire process.

The All About Medicare Webinar Series Includes:

  1. Introduction to Medicare
  2. Medicare Part A and B Explained
  3. Medicare Part D Explained
  4. Medicare Advantage Plans
  5. Medicare Supplement Plans
  6. Medicare & the Cost of Cancer Treatment
  7. How to Avoid Surprise Medicare Bills
  8. Medicare Plan G vs Plan N
  9. Medicare Plan N
  10. And much more …..

    Whether you approach Medicare insurance as a Do-It-Yourself project or seek out professional guidance, the cost to you for the Medicare plan you choose is the same.   All Medicare private insurance products (Medicare Supplement insurance, Medigap Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans) have built-in the fee for of professional guidance into the policy rate you pay.  We, the insurance brokers, are then paid by the insurance company not the consumer. This is important to understand because unless the person advising you can offer ALL the Medicare Supplement plans  from all major insurers, their advice will be biased by the limited solutions they can offer.  We offer ALL Medicare Supplement plans from ALL major insurers so that our advice to you is unbiased.  We do not charge a consultation fee because if you paid separately for our unbiased guidance you would be double paying for your Medicare.   Any organization that charges a separate fee for consultation is forcing you to pay twice for advice because that fee cannot, by law, be deducted from your insurance premium. Rather than approach learning about Medicare and finding the best plan as a Do-It-Yourself project, let me help you.  As an independent Medicare insurance broker I represent your best interest.  I share my experience and what I have learned from advising many hundreds of seniors since 1984. Learn all you need to know about Medicare for those turning 65 and how to make the right Medicare decision.

We have access to ALL major Medicare Medigap Plan carriers including United Healthcare AARP, Aetna, Cigna, Mutual of Omaha, Gerber, New Era, Philadelphia Life, Medico, Equitable, United American, Bankers Fidelity and many, many more.   

“My role as an independent Medicare insurance broker is to help educate my clients on their choices and the potential financial consequences or pros and cons of each choice.  I help you make the best decisions for you, based on your needs and your budget.  Because I am 100% independent Medicare insurance broker, I am not controlled by any insurance company and can represent your best interest without bias.”


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Independent Medicare Insurance Broker

Matthew Claassen is an independent Medicare insurance broker specializing in Medicare plans.  Neither Mr Claassen nor are employed by, endorsed or represent CMS, Medicare or Medicaid or the US Government.  We are insurance representatives and not a government organization.  




© 2015-2017 Matthew Claassen & based in Jupiter Florida. No content from this site may be reproduced without permission.  He is an independent Medicare insurance broker servicing all of Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa,
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Matthew Claassen is an independent Medicare insurance broker specializing in Medicare plans.  Neither Mr Claassen nor are employed by, endorsed or represent CMS, Medicare or Medicaid or the US Government.  We are insurance representatives and not a government organization.  

It doesn’t matter if you are just turning 65 and learning about Medicare for the first time, or have an existing Medigap plan.   If you want to be certain you have the right Medigap plan coverage and are paying no more than you have to, we can help.  We can help you through either our public Medigap plan and Medicare online seminars or through private no-obligation consultation.  Get the best Medigap plan for you at the best price possible. You can also visit my agency website at or call at 800-847-9680. Florida License #W176030  National Producer # 765847 We are licensed and do business in state’s coast to coast including Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Alabama, Oklahoma, California, Arizona, New Hampshire, Georgia, Tennessee, Washington and more We do business in all Florida towns, cities and counties.  In just the last six months, our clients have come from Palm Beach, Martin, Jupiter, Tequesta, Port Saint Lucie, Broward, Miami, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Seminole, Lakeland, Yankeetown, Largo, Labelle, Jackson, Pensacola, Daytona, Delray, Sarasota, Tallahassee, Orlando, Saint Augustine and Palm Beach Gardens.

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