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How To Lower Your Medicare Supplement Premiums

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      We talk to seniors about how to lower their Medicare Supplement premiums almost every day.  When we look at the actual statistic it adds up to dozens of seniors every week.   In over 80% of these conversations we can save the senior a meaningful amount of money on their Medicare Supplement plan without changing the plan or losing any benefit. By meaningful we mean between $400 and $1,100 per year on average, often much more.  That adds up to averaging between $800 and $2,200 per household in likely savings. The most we have ever saved a single person was $3,840 per year, keeping the exact same Medicare Plan and coverage.  Still, only half the seniors we talk to will move away from their comfort zone and reduce their cost even though they would simply be paying less for the exact same plan.  Why won’t a senior even try to save the most on your Medigap Plan?  Most seniors don’t know how to lower your Medicare Supplement premiums. We have found that of those seniors who choose not to save money, there is one major reason they stay in their expensive plan and choose to lose thousands of dollars over their lifetime by paying insurance premiums much higher than they should.