Everything You Need to Know About the Medicare ABN Form

Medicare ABN Form

Facing an unexpected medical bill can be stressful. The Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) is designed to prevent such surprises. If you’re a Medicare beneficiary, understanding the ABN—or Advance Beneficiary Notice—is key to anticipating potential out-of-pocket costs for services Medicare might not cover or in this situation may deny payment. In this article, we’ll unpack […]

What Does a Medicare Insurance Broker Do?

What Does a Medicare Insurance Broker do?

What does a Medicare insurance broker do? In short, Medicare brokers streamline your journey into Medicare coverage. Medicare brokers assists with plan choices, navigates paperwork, and clarifies your options, making sure you’re confidently enrolled in a plan that matches your health needs and budget. Key Takeaways Medicare Insurance Brokers are licensed professionals who help individuals […]

Why Medicare Advantage Plans Are Often Considered a Bad Choice.

Navigating the realm of healthcare plans can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to Medicare Advantage Plans. These plans are often touted as an all-inclusive solution, combining the benefits of Original Medicare with additional perks like prescription drug coverage, dental, and vision care. But is everything as rosy as it seems? Why are […]

Does Medicare Cover Vaccines?

Does Medicare Cover Vaccines?

Are you aware that Medicare can cover the cost of essential vaccines for older adults? Vaccines are crucial to maintaining your health, and fully understanding your Medicare coverage can save you money and peace of mind. This guide will cover the differences between Medicare Part B and Part D vaccine coverage, how to access fully […]

When is Medicare Open Enrollment?

Navigating the world of Medicare can feel like a daunting task, but fear not! Understanding the ins and outs of “when is Medicare open enrollment” is crucial to ensuring that you have the best possible coverage for your healthcare needs. Whether you are new to Medicare or a seasoned beneficiary, knowing when and how to […]

Does Medicare Pay for Caregivers?

Key takeaways on home health services and Medicare If you can’t leave your home easily due to a medical condition, chronic illness, etc., home healthcare can offer a better way to receive necessary assistance. Medicare generally does not cover the costs of personal care or housekeeping services provided by in-home caregivers if these are the […]

Medicaid vs. Medicare

Navigating the world of healthcare can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to understanding the differences between Medicare and Medicaid. These two government-sponsored health insurance programs may seem similar at first glance, but knowing the differences is crucial for making informed decisions about your healthcare coverage. This comprehensive blog post will guide you […]

When Should I Start Researching Medicare?

Navigating the world of Medicare can seem daunting, but understanding your options and staying informed can help ensure you receive the best coverage for your healthcare needs. One common question is “when should I start researching Medicare?” This blog post will guide you through the essentials of Medicare, from understanding its eligibility criteria to evaluating […]

Must I Enroll in Medicare if I Live Abroad?

Key takeaways If you don’t get premium-free Part A, you can’t enroll in Part A or Part B while living outside of the United States. You may not be able to enroll in Part B overseas if you are a U.S. citizen, aged 65 or older, not eligible for Social Security, and you were living […]

What Is Creditable Coverage?

Key takeaways Creditable coverage is health insurance that offers equal or greater coverage compared to Medicare. A person who qualifies for Medicare can choose to keep creditable health insurance instead, and not incur a late enrollment penalty. Without creditable coverage, delaying Medicare enrollment will result in late fees and penalties. Make sure your health insurance […]

Can I have Both Employer Insurance and Medicare?

Key takeaways If you’re 65 or older, you are eligible for Medicare, but you can choose employer coverage instead of Medicare if you or your spouse is actively employed and your employer offers creditable health insurance. When you have both Medicare and employer health benefits, your employer coverage often becomes the primary payer, covering your […]

Is COBRA Creditable Coverage for Medicare?

Is COBRA Creditable Coverage for Medicare?

Key takeaways COBRA extends benefits beyond employment but isn’t a long-term replacement for former private employer insurance or Medicare. COBRA health coverage can be creditable for Part D for qualified beneficiaries but is not creditable for Part B. Enroll in Medicare Part B within 8 months losing employer benefits to avoid penalties. With COBRA’s creditable […]

Can I Change Medicare Advantage Plans Anytime?

Key Takeaways Medicare Advantage Plans can only be purchased or changed during specific enrollment periods. There are three types of Enrollment Periods; Initial Enrollment Period (when you first start Medicare), Annual Enrollment Periods (these repeat at the same time every year) Special Enrollment Periods (the result of losing health insurance coverage) What are Medicare Advantage […]

Can I Switch Back to Original Medicare?

Key takeaways If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan, you can switch back to Original Medicare during certain times of the year, or under special situations if you are already past your Initial Enrollment Period. Use the Annual Enrollment period (October 15 through December 7) or during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period (January 1 […]

Does Medicare Cover Surgery?

Does Medicare Cover Surgery?

Key takeaways Medicare covers medically necessary surgery, both inpatient and outpatient surgery when recommended by a doctor to diagnose or treat a medical condition. This is how original Medicare pays for surgery: Part A covers inpatient surgeries in hospitals, while Medicare Part B will cover outpatient surgeries in a hospital or outpatient setting like clinics […]

What is the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

If you’ve ever been confused about Medicare vs Medicaid health coverage, our article will shed light on this important topic… Although they do sound similar, there are some key distinctions between these two government health insurance programs. What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid programs – key takeaways Medicare is federally administered health care […]

Does Medicare Cover Assisted Living Costs?

Does Medicare Pay For Assisted Living?

What is assisted living? Assisted living facilities cater to individuals requiring non-medical custodial care and aid with daily activities like bathing, dressing, and medication management. Does Medicare pay for assisted living costs? Medicare does not pay for assisted living. But Medicare may still pay for your medical needs while being a resident of assisted living […]

How to Help Parents Navigate Medicare

grandparents hiking

How can you help your parents with Medicare? There’s a lot to consider on how to help your parents navigate health care in retirement… Medicare is complex and often requires many hours of research. This is why consulting with an award-winning, independent broker like Medigap Seminars might be the best option for caregivers. Meanwhile, here […]

Does Medicare Cover Cancer Screening?

Does Medicare Cover Cancer Screening?

Does Medicare Cover Cancer Screening? Original Medicare covers preventative care screenings related to many different types of cancer like breast cancer, cervical or vaginal cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and colorectal cancer for Medicare beneficiaries. Most, but not all, preventive care services are performed without cost to the Medicare beneficiary. If you have a Medicare […]

What Is A Medicare Advantage Plan?

What Is a Medicare Advantage Plan?

What is Medicare Advantage – Key takeaways: Medicare Advantage Plans replace original Medicare with a privatized version, managed by a for-profit insurance company. Although you trade in Medicare A & B for the Medicare Advantage plan, you must still pay Medicare’s Part B monthly premium. Medicare Advantage Plans are required to offer benefits from all […]

Is Medicare Plan F Better Than Plan G?

Is Medicare supplement Plan G better than Plan F?

If you’ve been trying to find information on Plan F vs Plan G, this article is for you! Both are popular Medicare supplement plans. In order to qualify for Medicare supplement plan F you must have been eligible for Medicare prior to the year 2020. If you do qualify to apply for Plan F, you […]

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Key takeaways: Any U.S. citizen or permanent resident who was eligible for Medicare prior to 2020 is eligible to apply for a Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan F-HD or Plan C. Medicare beneficiaries new to Medicare as of January 01, 2020 cannot apply for Medicare supplement Plans F, Plan F-HD or Plan C. In most […]

Can I Switch from Medicare Advantage to Medicare Supplement Insurance?

We are often asked; “Can I switch from Medicare advantage to a Medicare supplement?” A switch from Medicare Advantage to Medigap can make a lot of sense, but is not guaranteed. In most states you will need to qualify medically to be approved for a supplement plan. People with a history of critical or expensive […]

How Medicare Works with Federal Employee Health Insurance (FEHB)

Navigating the world of health insurance can be confusing, especially when it comes to understanding how different programs work together. For federal employees and retirees, this confusion is often amplified when trying to combine Medicare coverage with Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB). Don’t worry! This blog post will guide you through the intricacies of “how […]

Sign Up for Medicare Easy Pay

If you sign up for Medicare but are not yet receiving Social Security Income, Medicare will bill you for your Medicare premium. If you are eligible for premium free Medicare Part A, you will be billed quarterly. In this article, I will go over how to sign up for Medicare Easy Pay, for safe automatic […]

Comparing Medicare PPO vs. HMO: What’s the Difference?

Are you considering enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan, but don’t know where to begin? Are you not sure of the distinctions between a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)? This article is here to help! It covers an overview of both plans, and offers advice for selecting the right one […]

Do All Doctors Accept Medicare Patients?

Do All doctors accept Medicare Patients

Key Takeaways Nationally, only 1% of non-pediatric doctors in the U.S. have opted-out of Medicare. 42% of those who have opted-out are psychiatrists. Most doctors accept new Medicare patients, with acceptance rates of 89% nationally among office based physicians. States with the lowest percent of physicians accepting new Medicare patients include Utah and Oregon at […]

Medicare for People Who are Divorced or Widowed

Medicare coverage is an individual health care plan, not a family plan. You and your spouse must each have your own plan. Therefore, your ex-spouse’s Medicare eligibility or enrollment does not directly impact your own eligibility or Medicare coverage. However, you may qualify for Medicare benefits based on your former spouse’s work history. The same […]

Best Tennessee Medicare Supplement Plans

Key Takeaways: Tennessee Medicare Supplement Plans are a lower price than most other states. Medicare supplement plans in Tennessee are price as Attained Age. Medicare supplement Plans for those under age 65 may be cost prohibitive. Medicare beneficiaries in Tennessee have the option of choosing an Advantage Plan. The most popular Medicare supplements in Tennessee […]

Medicare for the Non-working Spouse

Key Takeaways: A non working spouse may qualify for Medicare through the working spouse’s work history and payment of Medicare taxes. A divorced spouse can use their former spouse work history if they were married for ten years or more. For a non working spouse to qualify for premium free Medicare Part A hospital insurance, […]

Does Medicare Cover Cancer Treatment?

Key Takeaways Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D plans all provide cancer coverage for different parts of a cancer treatment plan. Medicare Advantage plans typically cover 80% of cancer care up to the plan’s maximum out of pocket limit. Some studies show there have been much better medical outcomes for cancer patients using […]

Does Medicare Cover Skilled Nursing Facility Care?

Key takeaways Skilled nursing facility (SNF) care is covered by Original Medicare Part A if it’s for a hospital-related medical condition. It must be in a Medicare-certified SNF or nursing home. Up to 100 days of skilled nursing facility care are covered per benefit period, but only up to 20 days are covered at 100% […]

Comparing Plan G and Plan N: Which Supplement is Right for You?

Are you looking for a Medicare Supplement plan (aka Medigap Plan) but are unsure which is right for you? It can be stressful sifting through the range of options and understanding the nuances between one Medicare supplement plan and another. Almost 80% of Medicare supplement insurance plans purchased in the U.S. are either Medigap Plan […]

Medicare Supplement Plan G Reviews

Medicare supplement Plan G

For those looking for comprehensive health coverage that goes beyond what Original Medicare offers, Medicare Supplement Plan G is an attractive choice. This comprehensive guide to Medicare Supplement Plan G reviews explores the advantages and disadvantages of this particular policy, conditions for enrollment, cost breakdowns, and other relevant factors. We will discuss the importance of […]

What Does Medicare Cover?

What Does Medicare Cover?

Key Takeaways: One of the most important concepts describing Original Medicare’s benefits is that Medicare’s intent is to cover medically necessary services and procedures to treat diseases and conditions. Original Medicare is health insurance that is good in any U.S. state or territory with any medical professional or facility that accepts Medicare. Original Medicare has […]

Medicare Part B Explained

Medicare Part B medical insurance is that portion of Original Medicare that covers outpatient and physician services. Part B Medicare benefits cover you for doctor visits, lab tests, outpatient services including surgeries and even includes preventive services and Part B prescription drugs. It also covers durable medical equipment (DME) and home health care. Key takeaways: […]

Medicare Part A – Inpatient Coverage

Medicare Part A Explained In general, Original Medicare covers services designed to diagnose or treat any medical disease and condition. Medicare Part A hospital insurance is one half of Original Medicare. Medicare Part A covers Medicare beneficiaries while an inpatient in a hospital or other medical facility, in hospice care, or when discharged to a […]

Medicare Part D Explained 2023

Medicare Part D Explained

I understand how confusing Medicare can be.  I help people with their Medicare decisions every day. My mission and my agency’s mission is to help you make an informed decision about your Medicare choices. That is why in this video I will go over the Medicare Part D prescription drug program. This is the prescription […]

What Are Medicare Part B Drugs?

What Are Part B drugs?

Key takeaways: Prescription drug coverage included in Part B of Medicare coverage is referred to as Part B drugs. Part B is a one-half of Original Medicare, the federal government’s long-standing fee-for-service version of the Medicare program. Outpatient prescription drugs covered by Medicare Part B are typically those administered by a medical professional in a […]

Medicare Preventive Services

Key takeaway: Medicare covers preventive care and refers to such visits as “Wellness Visits”. Medicare covers preventive care services are under Part B. Preventive services are exempt from the deductible, copays, and coinsurance. No need to worry about cost sharing. For a list of all that is covered by Medicare Preventive Services, see this link. Free Preventive […]

Does Medicare Cover Dermatologist?

does Medicare cover a dermatologist

Yes, Original Medicare covers dermatology services that are a medical necessity, such as the diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions, including skin cancer. Medicare covers services to diagnose or treat a condition or disease. Medicare covers dermatology services such as office visits, biopsies, and surgical procedures, for example, to treat skin cancer. However, Medicare does […]

Medicare Supplement Plan N Review

Medicare Supplement Plan N Review Medicare supplement Plan N is one of ten Medicare supplement plans standardized by the federal government. Medicare supplement plans are also referred to as Medigap Plans. Medicare supplement plans are offered by private insurance companies and provide additional coverage to Medicare beneficiaries by paying the deductibles and copays left as […]

What Does Medicare Not Cover?

What does medicare not cover

Medicare was never intended to be stand-alone medical insurance. It is designed to be the primary foundation of a health insurance program from which the consumer can build upon and construct the full insurance coverage desired. You should be aware of what Medicare does not cover so that you can fill in those gaps to construct a more robust insurance program for your needs.

What Does Medicare Cover For Diabetics?

What does Medicare cover for diabetics?

Key Takeaways Does Medicare cover diabetes treatment? Yes, Medicare Part B and Medicare Part D work together to offer complete services and supplies to Medicare patients. Medicare Part B provides coverage for diabetes supplies, such as insulin pumps and test strips and therapeutic shoes. Medicare Part D offers coverage for diabetes medication and supplies like […]

Medicare Durable Medical Equipment

Medicare Durable Medical Equipment

Key Takeaways in DME for Medicare Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is a category of medical devices or equipment that is prescribed by a healthcare provider and is intended for long-term use. Medicare Part B covers medically necessary DME if it meets other certain criteria. Medicare coverage works in different ways for every equipment type. Make […]

Best California Medicare Supplement Plans

Key takeaways: Because there are no state rules mandating a specific Medigap plan pricing structure, the best Medicare supplement plans in California are prices as Attained age. California has a Birthday Rule that provides a special Annual enrollment period for people who wish to switch Medigap plans or companies. Their is no one “best Medicare […]

Best Florida Medicare Supplement Plans

Florida is a state with much to offer. From its sunny weather and beautiful beaches to its rich seafood, Florida has something for everyone. The state’s warm climate allows for year-round outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, boating, and golfing. The state is a great place to live, with a relatively low cost of living and […]

Best Texas Medicare Supplement Plans

Best Medicare Supplement Plan in Texas

There are over 50 different Medicare supplemental insurance companies offering Medicare supplemental insurance in Texas. Keep in mind, the benefits of all Medigap Plans are standardized by the U.S. Government. That means that all Texas Medigap plans of the same letter have the exact same benefits. However, the monthly premiums from one company to another […]

Does Medicare Cover Rheumatoid Arthritis?

Medicare Coverage of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Key Takeaways: Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is a common disease that affects more than 1.3 million Americans. About 75% of RA patients are women. Medically necessary treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis is covered under traditional Medicare.  Most drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) are covered under Medicare Part D, and some medications used to treat RA may be […]

HSA and Medicare

HSA and Medicare

Key Takeaways: HSA accounts are a way to pay for certain medical expenses tax free. With an employer plan, you can contribute to an HSA before you pay taxes. You must stop contributing to an HSA account once your Medicare starts. Please see the “6-month rule” below. What Is a Health Savings Account (HSA)? Health […]

Medicare Late Enrollment Penalty: Everything You Need To Know

Key Takeaway: Medicare is a federal health insurance program dedicated to people aged 65 and over, as well as those under 65 on Social Security disability Income for at least 24-months. While Medicare has been in existence for over 50-years, there continues to be some confusion in regard to when you should enroll in Medicare. […]

Are Medicare Premiums Tax Deductible?

Are Medicare Premiums Tax Deductible

This is an important question to answer during tax season. Each year US citizens have the option to deduct personal expenses from their taxable income. Deductions decrease the amount of taxable income, reducing one’s tax burden. From this article, you’ll learn about what Medicare costs you can deduct from your taxes. We will talk in-depth […]

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?

Does Medicare Cover Chiropractic Services?

Key Takeaway: Medicare covers chiropractic services only for the correction of vertebral subluxation. Other chiropractic services are not covered by Original Medicare. What are chiropractic treatments? Chiropractic services are a form of alternative medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with a focus on spinal manipulation and manual therapy to treat […]

Attained-Age vs. Issue-Age Medigap Plans

Medigap Plans

A Medigap plan is an excellent way to help ensure that your health insurance policy covers every eventuality. But the different pricing structure of policies (like attained age vs. issue age and community-rated) can be a little confusing. In this article, we’ll dive into each type of price structure and explain how insurers calculate the […]

Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living?

Key takeaway: Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living? Medicare is a federal health insurance program in the United States that provides medical coverage for seniors aged 65 and older, as well as those who are under 65 and permanently disabled. While Original Medicare will cover healthcare needs that are medically necessary, it is not a […]

Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture?

Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture?

Key Takeaways According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Medicare Part B provides coverage for acupuncture treatment exclusively for chronic low back pain, with a maximum of 20 sessions covered per year. To ensure that your treatment is eligible for payment, you’ll need to locate a provider who holds a current and unrestricted […]

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Tests?

Does Medicare Cover hearing tests?

Some hearing loss might be expected as we age, but should never be ignored. When hearing or understanding those around you becomes difficult, loss of hearing can significantly impact your quality of life. One of the obvious solutions to hearing loss is to take hearing exams and then purchase hearing aids. Although the solution is […]

When Does Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Take Place?

Key Takeaways: Over 60 million US citizens are enrolled in Medicare. That’s approximately 20% of the entire US population. But while Original Medicare (Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B) can be incredibly beneficial, Original Medicare was never intended to be stand-alone insurance coverage. Medicare supplement plans were designed to build on your Original Medicare, […]

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Key Takeaways Medicare Parts A and B do not provide coverage for hearing aids, but some Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) may offer partial coverage, depending on the specifics of your plan. OTC hearing aids became accessible to the public in October 2022, but they can only provide a slight relief to people with mild to […]

Does Medicare Cover Hospice Care?

Does Medicare Cover Hospice?

Key Takeaways: Hospice Care is for people who are terminally ill with 6-months or less to live and who have chosen hospice care for comfort, not to cure their condition. Medicare Part A will cover virtually 100% of hospice care expenses for those who are eligible for Medicare and have been certified as terminally ill. […]

Does Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery?

Does Medicare Cover Cataract Surgery

Key Takeaways: Medicare covers cataract surgery as an outpatient procedure, under Medicare Part B. Medicare Part B pays 80% of the procedure after the annual deductible is met. Cataract surgery takes place in an ambulatory surgical center or via a hospital outpatient department. It involves removing the cloudy natural lens of the eye and replacing […]

Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy?

Does Medicare Cover Physical Therapy?

Key Takeaways: Medicare Part B (outpatient services) covers medically necessary physical therapy. Physical therapy can be recommended by a doctor or other healthcare provider. This includes a nurse practitioner, nurse specialist or physical assistant. Physical therapy can be subject to Medicare Part B excess charges if the services provider does not accept Medicare Assignment. Medicare […]

Does Medicare Cover Eye Exams?

Does Medicare Cover Eye Exams?

Key Takeaways Generally, Original Medicare doesn’t cover routine eye exams for corrective vision. These include exams for eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, Medicare Advantage plans might offer additional coverage that can include limited corrective vision care. Medicare Part B does cover medically necessary exams due to a specific eye disease or conditions such as cataract […]

Medicare Supplement Plans K & L

Medicare Supplement Plan K and Plan L

Key Takeaways: Medicare Supplement Plan K and Plan L are low cost alternatives to full coverage Medicare supplement plans. However, people interested in Plan K or Plan L should seriously consider the Plan G High Deductible because it is more insurance at a lower cost. What Is A Medicare Supplement? Medicare Supplement Plans (aka Medigap […]

Do I have to Sign Up for Medicare at Age 65?

Key Takeaways You do not have to sign up for Medicare at age 65. If you or your spouse continues with creditable health coverage, there is no penalty for delaying Medicare enrollment indefinitely. Creditable coverage includes most employer group health coverage. The employer must have 20 or more employees for the group health plan coverage […]

When Does Medicare Coverage Start?


Key Take Away: Overview of Medicare and its Eligibility Requirements Medicare is a government health care program that provides health coverage to people age 65 or older, as well as younger people with disabilities, end-stage renal disease (ESRD), or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS). Medicare is administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), […]

Medicare Supplement Plans Explained

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Scroll to Top  In this article I will cover the pros and cons of Medicare supplement Plans. The intent of Medicare Supplement Plans Explained is to help you understand how Medicare supplement plans work with your Medicare. In addition we will […]

Medicare Explained – What is Medicare?

Medicare Explained

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Scroll to Top Medicare explained!  Medicare Made Clear! Medicare simplified! Understanding Medicare!  Medicare explained simply.  No matter how we word it, understanding Medicare is not always as easy as it looks.   It’s not just Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B (Original […]

Medicare Explained – Secrets of Who & Why

https://youtu.be/w6JTWY6HFHU Medicare Explained, the Secrets of Who and Why Medicare explained, Medicare made easy, Medicare made clear, no matter how we word it in the title of all these videos that you’re watching, understanding Medicare is not always easy. I know.  I have helped over 10,000 people with their Medicare in just the past five years.  […]

How to Sign Up For Medicare and When

How to sign up for Medicare - 2023 changes

How Do I Sign Up for Medicare? Are you just getting started in researching Medicare and you need to know to apply for Medicare, when you can apply for Medicare or even how to delay your Medicare enrollment?  This blog post covers that and includes changes in enrollment made during the pandemic as well as […]

How Much Does Medicare Cost?

Medicare cost 2023

As most people are obligated to pay the Medicare monthly premium, it’s important to educate yourself on the cost of Medicare and the Medicare premiums you will be required to pay. Because understanding Medicare can be a bit of a challenge, I have written this article on the costs of Medicare, including Medicare Part D. […]

How to Sign Up for Part D Medicare?


Signing up for Part D Medicare can be challenging. First, you need to ensure you can even enroll for it. Secondly, you can only sign up for it during specific enrollment periods. And lastly, with so many Medicare D options available, how do you know which one is right for you? Long story short, there […]

How To Compare Medicare Part D Plans?

How to Compare Medicare Part D Plans

Before choosing a Medicare prescription drug plan, it pays to be an informed consumer. Reviewing plans that offer prescription drug coverage blind can make the process frustrating and unclear and may result in you not getting the best prescription drug plan for your needs. To some extent, the factors that influence your decision when choosing […]

What is Medigap Insurance?


You may have heard of Medigap insurance but aren’t quite sure what it is. This type of insurance is also known as Medicare Supplement insurance. In this article, we will answer the questions of what Medigap is in addition to providing more information about this type of supplemental insurance. For even more information on your […]

Disadvantage of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

One of the first and most important decisions Medicare beneficiaries must make when starting Medicare Part B is the decision between Original Medicare coverage (aka Traditional Medicare) combined with Medicare supplement insurance or a Medicare Advantage Plan. Which you choose can determine the quality of care you receive and define the choices you have with […]

Do You Have to Enroll in Medicare Every Year?


Generally, you do not need to renew Medicare coverage each year if you are happy with your coverage and your premiums. Once you sign up for Medicare, you will only be at risk of losing the Part B portion if you fail to pay your premiums. For Parts C and D, which are usually supplied […]

Does Medicare Cover Emergency Ambulance Service?

Does Medicare Cover emergency ambulance services

Key Take Away: Medicare covers both ground and air ambulance services with some limitations. Emergency Service to a foreign hospital is possible. Non emergency ambulance services can be covered when medically necessary. If you have a Medicare Advantage Plan you must check the specific benefits of your plan. The cost and benefits will be different […]

Who Is Eligible for Medicare?

happy senior couple going through medical insurance paperwork

Key Takeaway: Medicare is a federal government national health insurance program created to help cover the costs of medical care for U.S citizens and permanent legal resident’s who are age 65 or older, or under and have received Social Security disability income for at least 24-months or have been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) […]

The Medicare Hold Harmless Provision

Medicare Educate

The Medicare Hold Harmless Provision protects people on Social Security Income (SSI) from a reduced income if their annual Part B premium increase exceeds the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment. Social Security is a safety net for retirees who can’t save enough money to support themselves in their golden years. If you are a Social Security […]

How Does Medicare Work?

As your turn to enroll in Medicare approaches, it’s natural you become more interested in Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people 65 or older, and those under 65 and permanently disabled and  receiving social security benefits for at least 25 consecutive months. Medicare enrollment is not automatic for most people.    […]

What Is Medicare Part F and What Does It Cover?

If you are researching your medicare options. you may be at least somewhat familiar with Medicare Supplement Plan F. It is the Medicare supplement (aka Medigap Plan) with the most insurance coverage because it cover 100% of the deductibles, copays and coinsurance that Medicare leaves as the patients responsibility. Plus it covers 100% of Medicare […]

What Are Medicare Parts?

Parts of Medicare are the different segments of Medicare, and they include Parts A, B, C, and D. Each part is a separate program, but they all work together to provide health insurance for those who qualify. Each part has its own eligibility requirements and costs. Medicare Parts A and B combined are also called […]

IBM Retiree – Group Advantage Plan Pros & Cons

IBM Retiree Plan

IBM Group Medicare Advantage 2023 Pros & Cons If you are an IBM retiree you have probably already received a notice about their changing retiree plans to a United Healthcare Group Advantage Plan. A number of our clients are IBM retirees who chose to work with us in years past and have asked my opinion […]

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get Medicare?


Medicare is a U. S. government-funded health insurance program specifically for people 65 and older as well as those under 65 who have received Social Security disability income for 24-months. What is Original Medicare? Original Medicare consists of two parts, Part A is inpatient and hospital insurance. Part B is outpatient and physician services. Together, […]

Does Medicare Cover Shingles Vaccines?

  Medicare does cover the shingles vaccine at 100%. Shingles vaccination is exempt from the Medicare plan’s deductible. Effective January 01, 2023 the shingles vaccine, Shingrix, is available for free to all Medicare beneficiaries with prescription drug benefits.   Does Medicare Part B Cover Shingles Vaccine? Medicare Part B typically covers medications administered by a medical […]

Is Medicare Plan G Better Than Plan F?


The federal Medicare program for people aged 65 and older was signed into law on July 30th, 1965. Since then, there have been many revisions. The federal Medicare program was made available to those who are under 65 and permanently disabled in 1972. Medicare supplement plans were added in 1992 but were very different than […]

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke Insurance

Cancer, heart attack, and stroke are critical illnesses that can have a devastating impact on your health. In addition to causing great physical discomfort, these conditions can be life-threatening and often require expensive treatment plans. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in four adults in the United States has at least […]

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart

Medigap Plans

Below is a plan comparison chart of the benefits provided by the standardized Medicare supplement insurance plans. This table is for all states except Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, whose policies are structured similarly but different. Medicare supplement benefits in those three states are also standardized. You can read more on the Medigap benefits offered in […]

What Are Medicare Part B Excess Charges?

Medigap Seminars Office

What Does Part B Excess Charges Mean? A Medicare Part B excess charge is when a physician charges the patient more than the Medicare approved amount for an outpatient service.  Only Medicare providers with a non-participating contract are allowed to charge an excess charge, and they are limited to no more than 15% of the […]

What Is Medicare Part D?

What Is Medicare Part D?

Medicare Part D is that part of Medicare that provides insurance coverage for most Medicare prescription drugs. In general, Medicare prescription drug coverage can be divided into three categories; inpatient prescriptions, Medicare Part B medications and Part D prescription drug plans. This article explores each in order to help you best understand Part D.

Medicare Supplements for Disabled People Under 65

Everyone knows the importance of having health insurance coverage, especially in the United States. Without it, a medical event can result in huge medical bills that you’ll have pay out-of-pocket. This can be many thousands of dollars. In fact, medical costs are the number one cause of bankruptcies in the United States.   In short, having […]

Medicare Agent Near Me | Medigap Seminars

Medicare Agent Near Me

I have been helping people with their retirement and Medicare decisions since 1984. In that time, I have spoken with countless seniors of all ages, both new to medicare and those who have had Medicare in some form or another for years. I have witnessed or been privy to just about every Medicare horror story you can imagine. All of the stories are heartbreaking, and many were totally preventable.

Do I Need Supplemental Insurance With Medicare?

Supplemental Insurance With Medicare

As advantageous as the Federal Medicare program is, it only covers a part of your health care costs. When enrolled in the Medicare Part A and Part B plan, you will still be required to pay several out-of-pocket costs, such as deductibles, coinsurance, or copayments for medical services. To help reduce costs associated with Original […]

How To Change Medicare Plans?

How to change medicare plans

If you are on a Medicare Advantage plan or Part D prescription drug plan and want to change your plan, you can do so during the annual enrollment period. This is the time when you can sign up for a new plan or make changes to your existing coverage. You can also switch from original […]

How Medicare Works with Tricare for Life

Youtube video thumbnail

I believe you cannot improve on your healthcare by messing with your TriCare. If you replace your original Medicare with an Advantage plan you are actually reducing your insurance coverage and increasing your financial risk

Grants to Go Back to School – For Adults Over 50

Scolarships for adults over 50

As people age, they often find that their responsibilities change. They may have retired from their longtime career or become empty nesters as their children have gone off to college. For many adults over 50, this can be a time of transition and self-reflection. For those looking to return to school, there are now more […]

Differences Between Medicare Advantage and Medigap

What is the difference between Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicare Supplement Plans? Medicare Advantage (Part C) Medicare Advantage plans replace your Original Medicare coverage with similar coverage operated by a private, for profit insurance company. The Medicare beneficiaries are then limited to a network of medical professional contracted with the insurance company. In addition, their […]

What is IRMAA?

What is IRMAA?

The IRMAA monthly charge is an extra premium charged to higher income earners for their Medicare Part B (outpatient) and Part D (prescription drug) coverage.

Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Key Takeaways: Dental Care is key to overall health and dental coverage has a positive impact on dental health. Comprehensive dental coverage can be purchased separately from Medicare, offered by a private insurance company. Most Medicare Advantage plans offer at least some dental coverage. But Medicare Advantage dental benefits change yearly. Medicare Dental Coverage One […]

Medicare Supplement Plan G

Key takeaways • Medigap Plan G is the most popular Medicare supplement plan among those who are new to Medicare. • When added to Original Medicare, all inpatient and outpatient Medicare bills except the Medicare Part B deductible are paid. With Plan G, a Medicare beneficiary’s maximum annual out of pocket for Medicare bills is […]

Medigap Benefits

Medicare supplement benefit table 2022

This chart shows basic information about the different benefits that Medigap policies cover. If a percentage appears, the Medigap plan covers that percentage of the benefit. The remaining percentage is your obligation. Benefits Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) Plans A B C D F* G* K L M N Part A coinsurance and hospital costs (up […]

Best Medicare Supplement Plan

Key takeaways updated for 2024 There are no “bad” Medicare supplement plans. With all Medicare supplement plans, Original Medicare is your primary insurer. That means you keep the best benefits of Medicare; you have no network limitations and no insurance company has a say in your healthcare. The best way to find the right Medicare […]

High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap Plan G HD | Medigap Plan F-HD

Medicare Supplement Plan G High Deductible There is a lot of confusion around the high deductible Medicare supplement plans. There is confusion about how they pay benefits, as well as their value.  In this article I am going to show a very easy way to view the benefits of high deductible Medicare supplement plans and […]

Best Medicare supplement insurance company

Medicare Insurance Companies

Medicare Insurance Companies – Best Medicare Supplement Plans So, you have found the right Medicare supplement plan, but which insurance company should you go with? How do you research Medicare supplement insurance companies? Which is the best Medicare supplement insurance company in your area?Of all the decisions that must be made when starting Medicare, choosing […]

Medicare high deductible plan G and Plan F Updates

Medicare Supplement High Deductible

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Scroll to Top My company has help thousands of consumers with their Medicare supplement high deductible plans.  This includes both Medicare high deductible Plan G and the High Deductible Plan F. There are events unfolding that will have a significant impact on […]

Medicare Maximum Out Of Pocket

Medicare Supplement maximum out-of-pocket

We are often asked, does Medicare have a maximum out of pocket limit?  In conversations with those who contact  us as well as other agents who are relatively new to Medicare I have found a tremendous amount of confusion.  In this article I will be covering the subject of maximum out-of-pocket limits for Original Medicare […]

Medicare NY Medicare CT

If you are a resident of either New York or Connecticut and are researching your Medicare options, this video is for you. Medicare in New York and Medicare in Connecticut (Medicare NY Medicare CT) are different than the rest of the country. Or, more specifically, residents of New York and Connecticut have state laws that give […]

Medicare Advantage Plans Explained

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Scroll to Top This article will help you understand Medicare Advantage Plans.  Our intent is to focus on the Pros and Cons of Medicare Advantage Plans so you can make an informed decision. Medicare Advantage Plans Explained is written to help you […]

Medicare Advocate Services

Medicare Advocate

https://youtu.be/TK3d7lnl6gw Medigap Seminars offers Medicare Advocate services to all our Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage Plan clients, at no cost. How would you like to know that no matter what problems or issue arise with your Medicare claims, billing and appeals, you have a highly trained Personal Medicare Advocate you can call on for help? […]

Do I need a Medicare Insurance Agent?

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents Scroll to Top With approximately 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the United States, there is a lot of interest in Medicare. Every day people are searching the internet or opening the 150 page Medicare & You handbook to learn about […]

Medicare Mistakes

There are many types of Medicare mistakes consumers should to avoid.  This article focuses on mistakes people make when researching Medicare supplement Insurance companies.    If you are researching Medicare supplement plans and are trying to figure out which insurance company might be best, this article and video is for you Mistakes People Make When Choosing […]

Do I Need An Insurance Agent For Medicare?

With approximately 10,000 people turning 65 every day in the United States, there is a lot of interest in Medicare. Every day people are searching the internet or opening the 150 page Medicare & You handbook to learn about the rules, the features, the benefits and the choices they have when it comes to Medicare. […]

Moving With Medicare – What To do If Moving To Another State

Are you planning on moving to another state and want to know how it will impact your Medicare? We have answers for you in this video about moving with Medicare coverage. Moving Out of State with Medicare So, you have your original Medicare coverage federal healthcare program and you are seriously thinking about moving to a […]

Medicare Supplement Plan N – Big News

In this brief video I have some big news on current events and their impact on Medicare supplement Plan N. If you have a Medicare supplement Plan N or are currently researching Medicare supplement plans, this information will be important to you.  So, stay tuned. For those who have watched any of my 40 plus […]

Independent Medicare Insurance Agent

Independent Medicare Insurance agents

Finding the right Medicare advisor can make all the difference in reducing stress, time spent researching and becoming confident in the decisions you must make. When researching their options, many Medicare beneficiaries search for an “independent Medicare insurance broker near me”.  This article and video detail the advantages of using an independent Medicare insurance agent […]

Medigap Plan N is Often The Best Value

Medigap Plan N is often the best value Medicare supplement and one of the most overlooked plans available. This is especially true if you live in one of the MOM states (States with laws called the Medicare Override Measure) where Medicare Part B excess charges are restricted or forbidden. This includes Pennsylvania, Connecticut,  New York, Ohio, Rhode […]

Medicare Supplement Plan – Benefits & Hidden Risks

  Medicare Supplement Plans – Benefits & Hidden Risks If you are researching Medicare and you want to know about Medicare supplement and their role in your healthcare, this video is for you. In this video I will explain Medicare Supplement Plans Benefits & Hidden Risks. Even if you have already looked at different Medicare supplement […]

Avoid Surprise Medicare Bills – Understand the ABN Form

This video covers the five things you need to know if you want to learn how to avoid surprise Medicare bills. The video includes tips on how to manage your Medicare Wellness visits and preventive care lab tests. We also cover the ABN Form (Advanced Beneficiary Notice) and why all people on Original Medicare must understand this form and […]

Medicare Part D Penalty – What You Need to Know

Should you enroll in a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan even if you are healthy and take no medication? This Medicare Part D penalty video details the two important points you should consider when you are contemplating not enrolling in Medicare Part D. The true cost and risk to you and your family is much more […]

Medicare for Snowbirds and RVers

Best Medicare Coverage for Snowbirds & RVers Key Take-aways: Use your permanent residence address when enrolling in Medicare and purchasing any plans. This is the address from which you vote and pay taxes.  Your permanent resident address must match the address on file at Social Security. Original Medicare plus a supplement is your best options […]

Florida Medicare Supplement | Best Medicare Plans

  This video and article detail some of the information you need to know about your Medicare choices once you have become Medicare Eligible. It’s especially focused on issues pertaining to Florida residents but does apply to most other states. This will help you find the best Medicare plans available to you.   Read the article here:   The […]

Medicare Advantage Examples

This is a political advertisement, but the fact it points out is that in order to pay for Obama Care, the Federal Government has targeted cuts in Medicare Advantage plans. This video is a news story about a lady that was denied coverage under Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans can also terminate your doctor for […]

What You Need To Know To Find Best Medigap Plan

    Whether you are new to Medicare and want to be sure you make the right choices from the start, or you have been with Medicare for years and simply want to be certain that you are getting the best coverage and value for your money, this video about What You Need To Know To Find […]

Overpriced Medicare Supplements

Watch our other education videos on Medicare here: All About Medicare We Shop, You Save! The statistics are startling; two out of every three of Medicare Supplement policyholders are overpaying for their supplement policy by between $400 and $1,100 per year.  Medicare Supplement plans are standardized by Medicare so that they offer the exact same benefits […]

Equitable Medicare Supplement Plans (Another One Bites the Dust)

Another Medicare supplement company has announced it is exiting the Medicare Market.  Equitable National announced this week that as of June 30, 2020 they will no longer offer Equitable Medicare supplement plans. That’s it.  All done.  What does that mean for you if you own one of the Equitable Medicare supplement plans? Equitable Medicare Supplement […]

Loyal Christian Benefit Association Withdrawal of Medicare Supplement Business

Loyal Christian Benefit Association Withdrawal of Medicare Supplement Business There are several reasons why people shopping for a Medicare supplement policy should stay away from small companies and companies new to the Medicare market.  Many companies new to Medicare fail.  This is especially true with Medicare Advantage plans, but also happens with insurance organizations who […]

How to Research a Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance Company

Medicare supplement plan n review

If you are trying to research a Medicare supplement insurance company, to find out which insurance company to use, this article is for you. When it comes to insurance companies, the internet is filled with information that is both inaccurate and often not relevant to your Medicare supplement. I am often asked what criteria I […]

IG Report on Medicare Advantage Denial of Service

This is a second blog post on what I believe to be THE most important issue for people on Medicare.  Whether you are new to Medicare or have has Medicare for years this is important information if you ever decide to consider a Medicare Advantage plan. So, how can we build on that post?  Linked below […]

Costly Medicare Mistakes

Medicare Mistakes

I have been helping people with their retirement and Medicare decisions since 1984. In that time, I have spoken with countless seniors of all ages, both new to medicare and those who have had Medicare in some form or another for years. I have witnessed or been privy to just about every Medicare horror story you can imagine. All of the stories are heartbreaking, and many were totally preventable.

How to Choose A Medicare Plan-Part 1

Rather than present this How to Choose A Medicare Plan guide in one large article, this will be a two-part series. This, the first article, will review how you should approach learning about Medicare and a process to follow in making your choices. We will also review Original Medicare and Medicare Supplement policies. In part […]

Medicare and the Cost of Cancer Treatment

This article is for both the person facing cancer today, wanting to know what to expect from their Medicare insurance as well as for the person turning 65 and weighing the pros and cons of staying with Original Medicare or moving to Medicare Advantage. Medicare and the cost of cancer treatment is written to help […]

Medicare for Florida Snowbirds

Medicare Snowbird Takeaways For Florida snowbirds, Original Medicare (the federal program) plus a supplement will provide the best Medicare coverage for their travel plans. You will not be limited to a local network of medical providers. With Original Medicare, snowbirds get nationwide coverage and can see any doctor or medical facility that accepts Original Medicare […]

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