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July 27, 2021

How to Whitelist an Email

This page will help guide you through whitelisting an email, so you won’t miss important updates from  It can be frustrating to miss out on important information because it was placed in your Spam folder and / or deleted.  By whitelisting emails from companies or people you trust, you can be sure to receive important email updates.

We will start with the easiest, Gmail.

If you have a Gmail account and wish to whitelist an email that went to your Spam Folder.

  1. Step One go to your Spam Folder and find the email in question.
  2. Select the email by clicking the little open box
  3. Click on “Not Spam”

Gmail-WL Spam

If you have a Gmail account and the email came in under a different folder but not Spam.

  • Select the email with a left click and hold
  • While holding the left click down, drag the email into your Primary inbox.
  • Click Yes on any pop-up that follows.