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Medigap Seminars
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by Larry E. on Medigap Seminars

When I decided I would retire sometime in 2019 and that my wife and I would need to go on Medicare for our insurance coverage, I begin trying to learn all I could as I knew nothing about Medicare and all the different options. I spent many hours of my free time trying to learn all I could. Although I had read the 125 page Medicare and You guide book, I did not fully understand all of the ins and outs of Medicare. I started searching on youtube and came across Matthew Claassen's youtube site I watched all of his videos and learned all I needed to know to help make the decisions for our Medicare coverage. Matthew's detailed explanation of the different options and pitfalls of some of them makes his videos the best in my opinion. When we were ready to sign up, Matthew called us and we did a webinar to complete the process. He spent over an hour with us to complete the process and did not try to hurry us through the decision. He answered all of our questions about the different options and did not try to sell us something that could have earned him a greater commission for the sell. He had our best interests and budget at heart in the decision making. I highly recommend anyone about to sign up for Medicare to watch his videos detailing the many options available for coverage and then choose him to be your agent.

Thank you Larry. I enjoyed helping you.

by R Ringrose on Medigap Seminars

Matthew is very knowledgeable and know this area well. He is easy to talk to and work with, and he makes the complex simple. I highly recommend this service.

Thank you - I enjoyed working with you!

by Iona Y on Medigap Seminars
Wonderful service

My husband's Medigap provider had really increased his rates. When it came time for me to sign up for a Medigap policy, I contacted Mr. Claassen to help us choose a provider who would be less likely to have a steep rate increase. He spent at least 45 minutes with me on the phone explaining the different choices for our area and the history of past rate increases with the various companies. He recommended the one he thought might be best, and he helped both my husband and I to apply to the company. Recently I had many questions about how Medicare had billed for a series of procedures, and Meri Claassen was able to explain everything. Again, I did not feel rushed in any way and she was very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using Medgap Seminars for your Medicare needs.

by Steven V on Medigap Seminars
Fantastic Service

Medigap Seminars is indeed the Crown Jewel of Medigap Information.
Matthew Claassen Strives to make the Medigap Policy shopping experience
both educational and enjoyable.
I would highly recommend Matthew's service when making this very important
decision regarding the purchase of a Medigap Policy.
If I could award him 6 Stars I most certainly would !!!

by Jody C. on Medigap Seminars
Takes the fear out of Medicare

Medigap Seminars takes the fear out of Medicare and replaces it with knowledge. I thought I had won the lottery when I ran across his videos!
Today via phone he explained the supplement & drug plans that were available. Applications are completed and I can take this off my to-do list!
They have an advocate to help you with whatever Medicare/Doctor issues may come up in the future!
Thank you Medigap! This 65 year old thinks You Rock!

by Ted K. on Medigap Seminars

They made the Medicare process very easy. Very honest and knowledgeable. Shared their screen so I could watch them fill in the forms for me. Highly recommended.

Thank you Ted! I enjoyed our conversation too.

by Waldo M. on Medigap Seminars
Really Helpful

These seminars were a really big help in clarifying the incredibly complicated medicare system. Mr. Claassen has done a stellar job of making these clear while at the same time indicating all the caveats you need to be on the look out for. After reviewing these a couple of times each, I was able to make a confident decision on what was right for my situation. Also, I chose to use Mr. Claassen as my agent, and am very happy with how easy that was, and how well it turned out.

by Nils on Medigap Seminars

Good communication and excellent advice. I would recommend to anyone needing health insurance. Thanks Matt!!!

by Teresa on Medigap Seminars

With a 5 star average what more can be said ?

If you don't talk with Matthew you will be making a huge mistake.

by Connie on Medigap Seminars

I read a lot of articles when I began my research on Medicare. I was exhausted and panicked trying to understand Medicare's rules as I was turning 65 in a month or so. Fortunately, my spouse forwarded a YouTube video where Matthew thoroughly explained Medicare in detail. It was the best explanation from the very basic foundations of Medicare and the different supplemental plans available depending on your situation. I immediately scheduled a consultation with Matthew on choosing the right plan for my supplemental insurance. He was professional, knowledgeable and friendly. He answered all my questions and was very helpful. He covered all the important steps which helped me make an informed decision. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone who needs help on Medicare. Thanks a lot, Matthew

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