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Medigap Seminars
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 80 reviews
by Kamili Nilata on Medigap Seminars
Medicare/Supplement Plans Top Advisor!

I really appreciated your seminars of medicare, now I need to know the supplement plans.

I have praised your care and thorough knowledge. I said that you should teach in college, because it is obvious that you care.

Speaking with you will be an honor to complete comprehension of the best medicare and supplemental plans. I will call you tomorrow. Prayerfully, we will talk tomorrow.

Thank you.

by Steve Watts on Medigap Seminars
Medicare supplement

Thank You for providing clear and concise words in your videos in a way that anybody can comprehend, that is important. You presented all the info that I needed to make an informed decision that was crucial for my healthcare choices. No pressure from you to use your services. Answered questions and offered guidance exactly as needed, directly to the point Again Thank You and Marcene for the assistance I received . Merry Christmas and a prosperous Happy New Year.

by Walker on Medigap Seminars

I want to say thank you to all, even the person who answers all the calls. The agent was very helpful answering all your questions and never rush you. If you leave a message with a question don't worry they will call you back with the answer.

Thanks Again

by Gregg Kr. on Medigap Seminars

I would just like to take this brief moment to tell everyone approaching 65 how helpful Mr. Mattew Claassen from Medigapseminars helps you get over the hurdles in trying to understand all the things you need to know trying to pick out and make the right decisions in a very important part of your life. Before I watched his seminars I had no idea of what to do or what to buy. But after watching his detailed video clips and watching him tell you all the pros and cons and he even tells you what the different amounts of money he gets paid for all these different policies. How many people do you know will even tell you how much he makes on each plan you buy etc.. I can't tell you enough how he put me at 100% of ease knowing I made the right decision (for me at least) I can not thank him enough for all his hard work and knowledge that he shares and makes you feel that you are his most valued customer. I feel sorry for any other person that buys their plans from anyone else unless they have the full knowledge that Mr. Mattew Claassen possesses. I recommend to anyone who wants to be handled lip a VIP Thank you again Mattew for all your help in getting me the best plans for my needs and thank you to Mary for all her help as well. Have a great day and please continue to spread the information to the less fortunate people that don't have the knowledge you need to make the best decisions and aren't selling them a policy to make the most money that they can make and make their pockets bigger

Wow. Thank you Gregg. I really appreciate your taking the time to write this and share your experience.

by Diane on Medigap Seminars
Medicare Part B

Thank You so very much. You made everything so easy from signing up for Medicare, dates and coverage. I can't say enough just a great experience. Unlimited videos that really help.

You are very welcome!

by VT on Medigap Seminars
Medicare Supplemental

Thank you,
Excellent! Very informative and easy to understand.

by Nancy L. on Medigap Seminars
The Best!

If you are approaching 65 or as in my case far on the other side but still bothered and bewildered by the whole Medicare thing, I wholeheartedly recommend hearing and seeing Matthew Claassen on his YOU WILL LEARN SO MUCH! Matthew is very easy to talk with on the phone. Finally here is someone who makes sense and who knows a lot about all the many, many plans. He even helped with the application process. Matthew is a rare person; he is genuine, trustworthy, knows what he is talking about and is sincerely focused on helping us'
Thank you so much Matthew!

by David L. on Medigap Seminars
Proven expert. Recomended without hesitation.

Just before turning 65 I spent hours and days online searching Medicare info on plans, agents, do’s and don’t’s. I came away with strong ideas of the plans I wanted.

Needing an expert to double check my intentions, provide insight to “the system”, how it works, available options or points to consider, and, since I had a choice, advise on NY vs FL as my home state, I found Matthew Classen of MedigapSeminars on YouTube and inquired.

Matthew Claassen is the most informed, patient and knowledgeable professional I think I’ve ever encountered. No pressure to buy, but a steady and insightful flow of sound actionable information. I laid out my well-researched thoughts. He asked if I was open to other ideas to consider. A quick yes and he proceeded to illustrate how a different approach may save me money and provide the same coverage in my preferred choice of traditional Medicare (it did). He actually made me money by recommending a supplemental policy from a little known (to me) but rock solid company that offered 3% interest on deposited funds that were then debited as needed for co-pays, etc. I’m now in year two of his recommended set up and could not be happier.

He is licensed in over 30 states. I have and do recommend him without hesitation. None better. You can start and end your search right here.

by Syed A Q. and Safia B Q. on Medigap Seminars

I started searching in YouTube for me and my wife supplimental and prescription drug coverages as we turned 66 and above ,first time after getting our Part A And Part B ,I found Mathew s videos ,we went through all of them ,but his videos are full of knowledge,after reviewing his videos and his knowledge,we decided to call his office ,and in 6 weeks him and his office staff got us our enrollment for supplimental and prescription from one of the best isuarance company in very good rate,I’ve received so many calls from different agents and so many emails and letters to get ourselves enrolled,but we choose Medicareseminars as our agents hopefully they will be our agents in years to come ,so don’t look no further call them .

by Richard S. on Medigap Seminars
The best there is

After hours spent watching videos on You tube on quest for info on Medicare. I came upon this web offering. This is without a doubt the most informed and patience professional I have ever dealt with. I have recommended Mr. Claassen to many friends and family and also my family Doctor. Look on You tube at the rest and you too will come to the best . None better in my opion

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