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Are your Medicare Supplement premiums increasing again?!

If you could lower your Medicare Supplement premiums by 25%, 30% or more without reducing or even changing your Medicare Supplement benefits, would you?

According to recent statistics; nearly 8 in 10 seniors are overpaying for the Medicare Supplement plan by an average of between $400 and $1,000 per person. The odds are you can lower your Medicare Supplement plan prices by your next monthly payment, and keep the same benefits you have now. There is no waiting for Open Season like there is with Medicare Advantage plans. It cost you nothing to find out how much you can save and how easy it is to lower your monthly premium right now. Complete the quote request today and we will find the best price for your Medicare Supplement plan and email you back how much you can save!

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Because all Medicare Supplement plan benefits are standardised by the U.S. government, the only difference in plans administrated by one insurance company or the other is the price. If you haven’t shopped your Medicare Supplement plan lately, the odds are we can Lower Your Medigap Insurance Premium by 25% to 30% or more without your changing plans or reducing benefits.

Click the graphic to the left for an example of the various Plan F prices for a 70-year old male in Virginia zip code 24572 with no household discount.

Prices vary by zip code and age.

Do not assume that the companies with the best price in this illustration will be the same for your age and zip code.

Note two companies (Omaha and American Continental) are raising their prices as of August 01, 2015. But, most importantly, note the difference in prices for the EXACT SAME PLAN F!

Because we can shop with any insurer, our typical client saves between $400 and $1,000 per year in Medicare Supplement premiums, keeping the same benefits they have now. How much would that be over your lifetime?

Let Us Shop For You And Help You Lower Your Monthly Payments! <

Did you know that there are as many as 40 different insurance companies offering the exact same Medigap plans in your area right now? Did you know that each plan charges a different price for the exact same policy? Did you know that your Medicare & You guidebook (pages 92, 94) and your U.S. government Guide to Choosing A Medigap Policy (page 25) both tell you to be sure to shop your Medicare Supplement plan by price? Did you know that if your doctor takes Medicare he/ she takes all Medicare Supplement plans as well! It cost nothing but a minute of your time to find out what you should be paying for your Supplement.

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