Medicare Advocate Services

Medigap Seminars offers Medicare Advocate services to all our Medicare supplement and Medicare Advantage Plan clients, at no cost.

How would you like to know that no matter what problems or issue arise with your Medicare claims, billing and appeals, you have a highly trained Personal Medicare Advocate you can call on for help?

Help With Medicare

If you have seen my other Medicare videos, I suspect you are confident we can help you find the right Medicare plan for your needs and your budget.

Currently, there is at least one other agency that talks about their agents helping if you have a Medicare claims issue or billing problems.  However, there is a difference between an insurance agent willing to help and a person who has formal training and experience resolving problems with Medicare.  I know, because as much as I know about Medicare, I don’t hold a candle to the Medicare Advocate I have working for my clients.

Here is an analogy that may help with what I am trying to say;

Some other agencies have insurance agents willing to help you with claims or appeals issues. But using an agent to help you with Medicare claims or appeals is like asking the drug store clerk for advice on your medication.  Sure, the clerk is around these medications all the time and may know more about them than you and I, but the clerks’ primary role is sales.  If you want an expert on prescriptions you really want to talk with the pharmacist.  You want to talk with someone whose education, training and employment is based on their expertise in medications.  Not the salesperson who simply knows more than others.

Medicare Advocate Services

A Highly Qualified Advocate

With that said, let me introduce you to Meri.

Meri was first designated as a Medicare Coding & Billing Specialist back in 2011.  Her designation was earned by passing formal coursework from Florida Career College.

Directly after her education she became a Patient Account Billing Specialist at Jupiter Medical Center here in Jupiter Florida.  She specialized in Medicare billing.   Oh, and then went on to  earn another billing certification with the American Association of Healthcare Admin Management in 2013.

She was good enough at solving billing and claims issues with Medicare to eventually be promoted to a billing Lead, then billing Manager for Jupiter Medical Center.  She lead a team of specialist resolving Medicare and Medicaid issues for the hospital and their patients.

Her role with Medigap Seminars is as a salaried employee.   Her primary responsibility is helping our clients with claims, billing and appeals issues.  Meri is insurance licensed, but she is not in sales.

Medicare Advocate neededWhen a client is confused about their billing or service denials, her assistance is invaluable. However, please keep in mind that we are not attorneys.  We cannot represent you to Medicare or speak on your behalf.  Meri guides you through the process.   Identifies how to best resolve a billing or appeals issue.  Then she helps you to understand the problem and directs you on how reach the best outcome possible. 

Our unique customer service solution 

So, while other agencies have a smiling insurance agent who may do their best to help when you have problems with Medicare billing, claims and appeals.  I have Meri as a trained Personal Medicare Advocate.   Meri has the education and experience to excel at helping others with their Medicare issues.  When you enroll in your Medicare supplement or Medicare Advantage plan through, you will have Meri and her team as your Personal Medicare Advocates too.   You will never have to face Medicare billing or claims or appeals all alone.  We have your back

Taking After-The-Sale Customer Service to a New Level

We help you get into the right Medicare plan for your needs and your budget, then we help you manage Medicare and all the problems that can arise, so you don’t have to fight your healthcare battles alone.  Best of all, all of our services are free to you the consumer.

If you haven’t seen our other educational videos on Medicare, please check out our New to Medicare playlist .  I am sure you will find our videos helpful.

Matthew Claassen, CMT and CEO of Medigap Seminars Insurance Agency. Medigap Seminars is an award winning premier national Medicare Insurance Brokerage, ranked among the top in the U.S.A. Matthew is considered a leading national expert on Medicare and Social Security. Mr. Claassen is a distinguished member of the Forbes Business council, an invitation only organization of business leaders and entrepreneurs. He and his team have received awards from many of the countries largest insurance companies including Mutual of Omaha, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, United American, United Healthcare and others. His videos have become the most popular Medicare educational videos on YouTube with millions of views. As a financial analyst Matthew lead a team of researchers to win the 2009 Best Equity Research & Strategy Award from The Technical analysis magazine.


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