Medicare Agent Near Me

Medicare Agent Near Me
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Looking for a Medicare agent in your area? Look no further. At Medigap Seminars, we will make sure that you will get the right Medicare coverage for your needs without any of the complications and inconveniences that arise when working with incompetent insurance agents.

We are one of the country’s premier independent Medicare insurance brokers, operating in 49 states with over three decades of experience and thousands of happy clients. Navigating the Medicare landscape can be daunting, and we’re here to make the job as easy as possible for you. Our licensed Medicare insurance agents know the business from the inside out, so whether you’re looking for local Medicare help or just someone to lend you a helping hand when going over your Medicare options, Medigap Seminars is the place for you.

When our client are asked by their friends “Is there an independent Medicare insurance broker near me?” they always think of us, no matter where in the country they are.  Why?  Because with modern technology we are no further away from them than their local agent or broker.

What Does the Federal Medicare Program Cover?

Medicare is the national federal health program run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for people aged 65 and over or people under 65 with disabilities. 

Your Medicare costs can vary greatly, depending on your (or your spouse’s) employment status, the insurance provided by your employer (or former employer), as well as whether or not you have paid Medicare taxes throughout your working years. The basics of Medicare are contained within two pillars: Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B.

Medicare Part A

The first pillar of Medicare is all about hospital care. It can help you cover the cost of your hospital stay, home health care, hospice care, and care at skilled nursing facilities. Remember that if you don’t qualify for Part A, you can still buy it at a premium, which differs depending on how long you and your spouse have been paying Medicare taxes. If you choose to buy Part A, you must also buy Part B along with it.

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B covers outpatient and physician services as well as some medical equipment. This includes things like ambulance transport services, and inpatient and outpatient mental health care.

Medicare Part D

Medicare Part D is your Medicare prescription drug coverage.  It covers outpatient prescriptions and may have a separate monthly premium from Medicare Part B.  .

Part D, as many other prescription drug plans, is quite difficult to understand, and if you don’t really know what you’re doing, you can greatly overpay without even gaining access to the drugs you need. Learn more about Medicare Part D and how to make the most of it (if you need to) by following this link.

Medicare Advantage

The Medicare Advantage plan replaces Part A and Part B of Medicare for the sake of a privatized system that is intended to cover everything covered by Medicare Part A and Part B. 

Independent Medicare brokers like those working at Medigap Seminars can help you assess your options and arrive at the most beneficial Medicare plan suited to your individual needs.

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Independent Medicare Supplement Insurance Agents Near Me – What Can You Gain?

The intent of Medicare is to cover your medical necessities. However, it does not cover Long-Term Care, basic dental, or vision for eyeglasses and contacts. Original Medicare was never intended to be a stand-alone health insurance coverage. Original Medicare has many deductibles and copays that are your obligation and no maximum out-of-pocket limit to your financial exposure.

This is where your Medicare supplement insurance agent or broker comes in. Their job is to match you with the right insurance company that provides Medicare supplement plans to best fit your particular medical needs and make sure that you’re covered for any likely eventuality. Navigating the world of Medicare supplements is a nightmarish endeavor if you don’t really know the ins and outs of the industry, as well as all of the details that go into insurance plans.

So, what exactly can you gain when working with a Medicare broker?

  • First of all, you’ll be able to find a plan that is as close to tailor-made for your needs as possible.
  • Secondly, the entire brokerage service is completely free — our fees are paid for by the insurance company when we help you with your application.
  • Finally, you’ll feel more at peace with your life, knowing that should anything happen to endanger your health, your Medicare and its supplementary plan have got you covered!

Medicare Supplement Plans – Which One is the Right for You?

At Medigap Seminars, we pride ourselves on being a truly independent insurance broker — we work with all of the major insurance companies and can offer you all of the currently available Medicare supplement insurance plans and most major Medicare Advantage Plans.   Being completely independent lets us focus on what is most important — the best interest of our clients. Everybody’s health insurance needs are different, and there is no blanket coverage plan that would suit everyone.

Our free services, seminars, and YouTube videos can greatly help you increase your understanding of how Medicare works and lead you to make an informed decision with regard to your Medicare plan. There are no hidden costs or caveats — our mission is simply to educate as many people as we can about the federal Medicare program, how to get the best supplements for it, and obtain the best health care coverage.

There are plenty of gaps in Medicare, which is why supplement plans are often necessary for those wanting to have full coverage. With a handful of plans to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one, which is why we’ve prepared a run-down of two of the most popular Medicare supplement plans: G and N.

Plan N

This one is by far the most popular Medicare supplement plan. It is often the best value-for-money plan, and if you’re trying to supplement your original Medicare while spending as little money as possible, then Plan N is definitely something to consider.

The Plan N Medicare supplement takes care of the copays and deductibles you wouldMedigap Seminars - Nichole have to pay out of your own pocket with a standard Medicare plan. For example, only 80% of outpatient care is covered by Medicare Part B. This means that 20% of it has to come out of your bank account, unless you’ve got a Plan N in place. In that case, the supplement covers the remainder of your treatment. Because Plan N offers full coverage, you can spend a year in the hospital without spending a dime.  Medigap Plan N will pay all your Medicare Part A deductibles and copays. With just Medicare Part A, whenever you are admitted to the hospital, you need to pay a deductible of approximately $1,500, and are only covered for 60 consecutive days of being an inpatient.

If there is any weakness to a Medigap Plan N it is that you will have to pay up to $20 per office visit as a copay. This is only for office visits designated for a diagnosis or evaluation. Medigap Plan N does not cover Medicare Part B excess charges. Medicare Part B excess charges are rare and many states forbid them. Please reach out to us for more details.  

Plan G

Plan G is quite similar to Plan N in that it also covers what your original Medicare would not pay, but it is a bit more expensive than Plan N, and has a fair bit of extra coverage. You’ll pay higher premiums, but it can end up saving you plenty of money in out-of-pocket costs if you’re a person who frequently demands medical attention.

This Medicare supplement plan also covers 100% of your Part B excess charges, whereas with Plan N, you’d need to take care of these costs fully or avoid a doctor that charges excess charges. You might want to look into Plan G if you know you’re going to be in need of medical attention quite frequently.

Medigap Cover: What Should I Choose?

There are a total of twelve different Medicare supplement plans available.  You can review the benefits of each plan here:  Not all plans are priced at a good value and while the benefits are the same regardless of the insurance company, the price for these plans vary wildly from one insurance company to another. 

Your choice of Medicare plans should not be rushed. With so many Medicare options and potential risk factors, your health plan shouldn’t be something taken lightly. While it probably overshadows many of the other considerations in your mind, do not think with your wallet when choosing Medigap plans.

Naturally, you’re going to have to fit within your available budget, but you cannot opt for the cheapest Medicare supplement option just because it will save you money. If you base your choice around savings while disregarding all of the other factors, such as your own health, state of your health insurance, and current Medicare coverage, you might just end up spending more money in the long run due to unexpected costs that had to come out of your own pocket.

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Local Medicare Agents Near Me: Brokers Can Help You Make the Right Choice

While Medicare is a federal insurance program, there are plenty of private companies that sell Medicare supplement plans, and the name of the game for them is profit. All of the insurance products that you’re being offered, even the really great ones, have one end-goal in mind, and that is making as much money for the insurance companies’ shareholders as possible. Medicare supplement plans are a necessity that will ultimately benefit you, but if you don’t educate yourself on their intricacies first, you might just end up falling for one of the insurance company’s marketing tricks instead of choosing a plan that will actually help you.

This is where Medigap Seminars step in. As an independent Medicare broker, we specialize in analyzing and comparing U.S. health insurance plans in order to match them with our clients’ needs and preferences. You are now well aware of the fact that Medicare plans are difficult to differentiate between, and even more difficult to understand when it comes to the financial side of things.

Combining these two factors to come up with an ideal choice for your own specific situation as a complete rookie in these matters is near-impossible. Our Medicare insurance brokers operate all across the United States, so regardless of whether you reside in Florida or Maryland, one of our licensed insurance agents will be able to get in touch with you and discuss all your Medicare options and concerns. Medigap Seminars provides a completely free service — we earn our money through commission fees from the insurance providers we end up recommending to you.

One-on-one counseling sessions with our licensed Medicare agent will guide you through the most important things you need to consider when choosing a Medicare supplement plan. We’ll help you come up with a list of potential options, and give you advice on which one you should choose.

The Bottom Line

Finding licensed agents within your zip code area used to be as much of a nightmare as tackling Medigap all by yourself. This is partially why Medigap Seminars was created — by establishing connections with the main insurance providers across America, as well as cultivating excellent customer service practices, we are able to reach clients in nearly all of the 50 states. Our brokers will always provide you with unbiased information and consider all your thoughts and concerns when it comes to supplementing Medicare with a Medigap plan.

Working with independent insurance agents is the best way to arrive at a satisfying conclusion in your journey toward finding a suitable Medicare supplement plan for yourself. Don’t fall for the insurance providers’ ads and marketing tricks — a licensed agent has a comprehensive understanding of all Medigap insurance products available on the market today.

If you have any further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today! You’ll find all of our contact information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Medicare and my supplement plan options?

The best place to start expanding your knowledge about Medicare and your optionsMarcene is right here at Medigap Seminars. Our YouTube series on Medicare supplement plans, different Medicare options, and the input of independent agents has hundreds of thousands of views, and it is currently one of the best free Medicare help resources on the Internet.
Of course, if you want to learn more about the insurance scheme itself, there is no better place to go than Medicare’s official website: You can find a lot of clear and concise information pertaining to the Original Medicare parts, Medicare Advantage, as well as other valuable data.

Finally, if you want some advice regarding your own health plan adjusted to your financial and health situation, you should reach out to us for a free quote and let us match you with a Medicare consultant who’ll answer any and all of the questions you may have about Medigap insurance products.

What are high deductible supplement plans?

Medicare supplement plans G and F offer a high deductible option, which means that you will have to spend a larger amount of money out-of-pocket for your hospital bills before the plan actually starts returning any benefits. While this may seem like a bad deal at first, it can sometimes be more beneficial to opt for a high-deductible plan, as their deductible is also your maximum annual out-of-pocket risk. 
As with most things Medicare-related, whether or not you should opt for a high deductible insurance plan is dependent on your financial situation and the state you live in. Reach out to an independent agent and figure out whether or not such a plan is actually something that you should be considering.

What is the Medicare Maximum Out of Pocket?

When you enroll in Medicare, you’re covered by Part A and Part B, which, as we have already stated before, do not provide 100% coverage. With Original Medicare in place, there is no limit to your maximum out-of-pocket expense. The insurance covers a certain percentage of it (80%), and you need to take care of paying for the remaining 20%, regardless of how many thousands of dollars it turns out to be.

However, many Medicare supplement plans come with an out-of-pocket maximum, which is essentially a safeguard preventing you from spending too much money on your health bill. Please see my article and video linked above for details on the maximum out-of-pocket for each of the most popular Medicare plans.

Medicare Agent Near Me
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