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In this video, we go over all you need to know about Medicare for Snowbirds & RVers and for people who expect to move to a different state soon after enrolling in Medicare.  Whether you are new to Medicare or have been on Medicare for some time. There are Medicare rights you need to know, and pitfalls you need to avoid.

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Partial Text from the video:

Are you a Snowbirds; people with homes in at least two different states and who tend to move to a warmer climate for the winter.  Or maybe an RV’er, traveling the country in your motorhome?  Or maybe you just plan to move to a different state sometime after enrolling in Medicare?

Then you might have questions about how this impacts your Medicare and there are certain Medicare rights and rules you should definitely be aware of.    That is what we are going to cover in this video; provide answers to FAQ for snowbirds, RVers and people expecting move after enrolled in Medicare.

Medicare for any and every state vs. local Medicare

We help people with their Medicare needs in almost every state, from coast to coast. Because we are based in South Florida, home of a large percentage of Florida Snowbirds, we handle a lot of phone calls from Florida Snowbirds or people moving South and having a lot of questions about what this means for their Medicare. This has become one of our areas of expertise. We are experts on Medicare for Snowbirds and RVers.

The first question we are going to address is “What is the right Medicare plan for people who spend time in multiple states?”

The answer isn’t so much as that there is a Right Medicare plan. It’s that there is definitely a wrong Medicare plan you want to avoid.

Medicare supplement /Original Medicare – any doctor or hospital

Original Medicare + Supplement = national coverage  To learn more, take a look at my post on Medicare Supplement Plan G 

MAPD – local network.  HMO = no out of network coverage.  PPO = out of network coverage at a higher cost. Typically $10,000 MOOP

Avoid MAPD.

If cost is an issue, consider a Medicare Supplement Plan F-HD or G-HD as of 2020. They don’t provide the complete coverage of other Medicare Supplements, but they offer more coverage than any MAPD in that they limit your MOOP AND you keep your flexibility and control to see any doctor.

Part D – always local.  Allows for some out-of-state orders.  Every company has a different policy on this, call and ask.  Consider flexibility when you decide which plan to use.

Which state is your resident?

            Defined by Social Security law, where you file taxes and vote

            Does not matter how many months out of the year you live there.

            Same address you have on file at SS office.

       Penalty?  Insurance company will only check when /if something happens and they are looking at a large expense.  If they find you were not honest about your state of resident, then basic tenets of contract law allows them to declare you entered the contract under false pretense and they can cancel the policy. They will have that right.

The intent of having health insurance is to mitigate the financial risk of a major health event. If you are not being truthful on an insurance contract you have opened up a whole new level of risk….it doesn’t make sense and it’s not worth the risk. This is very true when shopping for Medicare for Snowbirds and RVers as well.

Can you imagine being incapacitated, in a hospital and find out your insurance was canceled?

What if you move and change legal residents?

You have certain Medicare rights when you move.  These rights are designed so that you are never at risk being uninsured or uninsurable.

You can keep your Medigap. Medigap plans offer national coverage and never change. That is why they are the best Medicare for Snowbirds and RVers.

No one can change your benefits.  No one can cancel your plan.  Not even Congress.  As long as you pay the premium, you keep your coverage.  Because there is no need to shop for a new plan, there is no Medicare right to get a new Medicare
supplement if you already have on and you move.

Part D – always local.  If you move you have to change to a new Part D plans that service your new location.  Same with an MAPD.

You have a right to get a new Part D plan when you move.  Here is how you do it….

Your guaranteed issue right window starts the month before you move and extends for two months after you move. They take you word for when you move.

Let Part D insurance company know when you are moving (the month before or month of your move) and get a letter of dis-enrollment. Part D and MAPD like to end their plans on the first day of the month.

That letter of dis-enrollment is your free pass to use when you apply for coverage with your new address.

Same if you are in an MAPD plan.

What happens to Medicare Supplement?  Price can change if the insurance company also offers an identical plan in the new state.

If you are new to Medicare by just turning 65 or simply new to Medicare Part B, or if you have an existing Medicare Supplement and due to recent price increases want to know if it’s an overpriced Medicare Supplement, we can help.  We are 100% independent.  As an independent insurance broker we represent your best interest, not the interest of an insurance company.  Agents that work for an insurance company must represent that companies interest and not the consumer.

Our service is free. You cannot save money or reduce your Medicare Supplement premiums by not using our service. As an independent insurance broker, we offer all Medicare Supplement plans from all major carriers.  We put all the cards on the table for you and show you all your options and costs. That alone saves you days of work.  Then you decide the right plan and company for you.  When you work with us, the insurance company you choose to insure you will pay our commission out of their pocket, not yours. You cannot reduce your premium by doing it yourself.

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