Medicare Part D Donut-Hole Explained

This graphic linked below does a great job of helping people understand the Medicare Part D Donut-Hole. This Medicare Part D donut hole explained infographic can be saved and printed.

If you regularly take a significant number of prescriptions, or expensive prescriptions, it is critical that you understand the coverage gap concept.  If you would like to know why we suggest you never buy your Medicare Part D coverage from a broker or agent, visit one of our online presentations or call us at 800-847-9680.

Especially if you take more than a few prescriptions each month, the only way you can be certain that you are getting the best Medicare Part D plan at the best price is to avoid purchasing your plan from a broker or agent. There are some Part D plans offered through that are not available through your agent.

We show you how to go about getting the right pan in 15 minutes or less!

There are other ways to avoid the donut hole as well.  Just ask!



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