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As an independent Medicare insurance broker, we offer all Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans from all major carriers, coast-to-coast. Our role is to help you find the right Medicare plan for your needs and your budget. Over 70% of those on Medicare choose a Medicare Supplement plan to help supplement their Medicare Part A and Part B by filling the gaps: the co-pays and deductibles that Medicare leaves as your obligation. With a Medicare Supplement plan, you can reduce your obligation to zero or just a couple hundred dollars. With an independent insurance broker, you can avoid ever overpaying for your insurance coverage.

We have access to ALL major Medicare Medigap Plan carriers including:

  • Aetna
  • Accendo / CVS
  • Cigna
  • GPM
  • Humana
  • Medico
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • United American
  • United Healthcare AARP
  • And many, many more

Get Access to All Major Insurers

Whether you approach Medicare insurance as a do-it-yourself project or seek out professional guidance, the cost to you for the Medicare plan you choose is the same. All Medicare private insurance products (Medicare Supplement Insurance, Medigap Plans or Medicare Advantage Plans) have built the fee of professional guidance into the policy rate you pay. We, the insurance brokers, are then paid by the insurance company not the consumer.

This is important to understand because unless the person advising you can offer ALL the Medicare Supplement plans from all major insurers, their advice will be biased by the limited solutions they can offer. We offer ALL Medicare Supplement plans from ALL major insurers so that our advice to you is unbiased. We do not charge a consultation fee because if you paid separately for our unbiased guidance you would be double paying for your Medicare. Any organization that charges a separate fee for consultation is forcing you to pay twice for advice because that fee cannot, by law, be deducted from your insurance premium. Rather than approach learning about Medicare and finding the best plan as a Do-It-Yourself project, let me help you. As an independent Medicare insurance broker, I represent your best interest. I share my experience and what I have learned from advising many hundreds of seniors since 1984. Learn all you need to know about Medicare for those turning 65 and how to make the right Medicare decision.

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