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Khuong Pham
21:28 11 Aug 22
Thanks for setup
19:12 11 Aug 22
It was a pleasure working with Marcene A.Made Medicare Supplement enrollment very easyThanks.
Doug West
20:59 10 Aug 22
Glen did great.
Jacqi Wilhite
19:51 09 Aug 22
Matthew CLAASSEN is a must-go-to business for those shopping for Medicare options. Their expertise is invaluable. Here is where you will get the help you need to navigate the complicated and tricky levels of all the different kinds of plans available toyou. I know I would’ve made mistakes if I had tried to do this on my own. Glen Wilson, one of their agents, took me step-by-step through the process. We communicated via email and phone. Glen helped me complete my application for supplemental Medicare insurance (Medigap). After I signed it electronically, he submitted it to Medicare, it was approved, and he emailed a copy to me for my files. This company also has a knowledgeable advocate on staff to help me deal with any issues concerning my coverage that may occur. Thank you Matthew CLAASSEN, and thank you Glen, for freely sharing your knowledge and understanding of the world of Medicare. The concern you have shown in helping me find the most appropriate and beneficial coverage for my personal situation and needs is much appreciated.
reid meeks
19:23 09 Aug 22
was helped by glen wilson..very good knowledge.answered all my questions about the plan i was considering
Vickie Munda
18:18 09 Aug 22
I would highly recommend this company to everyone, they are great people to work with!!!
Kenneth Stafford
14:23 08 Aug 22
Tristan was great, made it so easy.
Christopher Fogle
20:44 03 Aug 22
Marcene was very thorough and went through all of the different types of Medicare coverage and I think we got the best value.
Janice Little
18:19 03 Aug 22
Marcene was very helpful in assisting me with submitting my application for a Medicare supplement plan and answering any questions I had before making my choice on insurance companies/rates.I found Matthew's videos to be excellent! I have learned so much about Medicare, Medicare supplement plans, and drug plans by watching and re-watching. Makes me confident in making my Medicare insurance decisions. I have recommended the MedigapSeminars videos to family, friends, and acquaintances. Thank You! Keep the videos coming.
Jeffrey Nowakowski
21:25 29 Jul 22
Highly recommend this company! Matthew, the CEO of the company called me back the next day. Completely knowledgeable and helpful. Also most informative and easy to understand videos on YouTube! So thankful I found them! Much appreciation!
17:11 27 Jul 22
MedigapSeminars has been wonderful to work with the past few years. Matthew Claussen's YouTube video's expertly and simply explain all Medicare's choices and takes the confusion and fear out of choosing what is best choice for "you". The service of his team is topnotch. I highly recommend MedigapSeminars
Jerry Yap
21:20 26 Jul 22
Marcene made the application process so easy. Thank you Marcene!
Michael Strom
17:48 25 Jul 22
I just received my Medicare Supplemental policy approval notice today. I want to thank Tristaan Gregory with Medigap Seminars with all of his help answering my questions and helping me enroll in the supplemental policy everything went smooth with his help.
Irena Anischenko
00:30 24 Jul 22
I spoke with Marcene on several occasions. Although I had previously listened to the seminars of Matthew Claassen, some small steps that I had to take remained undiscovered, and those specific steps were addressed by Marcene. She listened to me, and together we came up with a solution that fits my specific needs. I now have peace of mind that I have insurance in the case of an emergency, and the medical bills would not cause me to go broke. Mathew Claassen seminars helped me a lot in understanding and dealing with a new chapter in my life, however, speaking with Marcene made it possible to secure the right insurance best suited for me.
Wayne Matsumura
00:17 23 Jul 22
Tristan was very helpful, quick, clear and responsive. Matthew’s videos provided very good guidance in selecting the very best plan options for me. Glad I found Medigap Seminars on YouTube.
Jeff Frank
19:30 21 Jul 22
I feel like you really care about my needs and proactively have my back. Thank you!
Shiroy Ranji
20:49 14 Jul 22
Excellent advise from both Matthew and Tristen. I'm glad I spoke to them before enrolling. They are a wealth of knowledge.
Bradley Vangsnes
19:40 14 Jul 22
Great informative videos which helped us understand Medicare. Tristan was extremely professional and helpful in answering questions. Great job! Thank you!
Connie Runkel
15:22 13 Jul 22
Mar new was patient and knowledgeable about the part N supplement, answered my questions clearly and walked me through changing my insurance to a lower-cost option. I appreciate that MedigapSeminars keeps track of the multitude of changes around Medicare decisions and helps me know about my options.
Jorge V
20:56 11 Jul 22
Excellent service, honest answers to my questions, Marcene was very helpful with the process.
Jackie Mory
13:58 08 Jul 22
Marcene took the time with me that was needed to help me understand my unique needs. I will continue to reach out to her if needed. Genuinely helpful
Joyce Holl
21:30 07 Jul 22
Marcene was extremely helpful and explained everything and made everything soo easy.Thanks!
Brenda Friesen
21:15 06 Jul 22
Tristan was very helpful.Deb was great also. Brenda
Peter Sabol
20:34 04 Jul 22
I was intrigued by Matthew Clausen videos on medigap plans, aka medicare supplemental plans. But Matthew embellished more than was on the medicare site info. I learned medigapseminars was free to set up an appropriate plan to fullfill your medigap needs. I contacted the 800 phone number for a qoute for my desired plan. I spoke with Matthews' associate, Marcene Alexis, who sent me an email quote. I called Marcene the next day and ask many question which were answered satisfactory. So I went ahead to set up an application for my desired plan, which completed with approval that day.Thank you for your services!
lynn smith
06:55 02 Jul 22
This is on my wife phone instead of mine, but I call and spoke with Tristian Gregory and singed you for a supplement plan. Tristian was very helpful and made the experience easy
r elwood
16:45 01 Jul 22
Marcene did a super job. Highly recommend medigap Seminars to anyone going through the process of selecting medicare coverage. Could not have been simpler. Roger
MaryJo Donahoe
04:56 01 Jul 22
In the sea of Medigap information are a welcomed source of information and expertise. Marcene was especially helpful and quick to respond to our endless questions. The YouTube videos were an added bonus. We highly recommend their services.
Tom Donahoe
03:48 01 Jul 22
We recently signed up for Medicare and needed a Medigap supplement. MedigapSeminars YouTube videos helped us better understand some of the nuances of Medicare and Medigap plans. Agent Marchine patiently helped us understand many of the metrics, like loss ratios & AM Best ratings. This info helped us pare down our big list of companies to the ones best suited to us. Choosing the right plan and a good Medigap company has long-term financial implications for the rest of your life so we really wanted to get it right. Marchine and MedigapSeminars helps us do just that.
Yuko Kusakabe
05:19 28 Jun 22
I watched Matthew Claasen’s video and learned so much about Medicare. I like his low key yet very detailed information. So by the time I called, I had some basic idea of what I wanted, but yet I had so many more questions. Marcene answered all my questions precisely to the point and made the whole process easier. I appreciate your service.
Lori Carter
23:31 22 Jun 22
Vondrea Moss was awesome! She was so patient and got me through the whole process seamlessly! She even got singed up for Part D. Great experience!
Carol Stinson
17:56 21 Jun 22
Entire staff extremely friendly and helpful. Marcene made sure I understood the policy provisions of the plan I chose. There was never any pressure or effort made to sway me to choose a different plan.
umbro umbro
04:58 21 Jun 22
Medigap Seminars provided for a smooth process enrolling in Medicare Supplement and Part D Prescription Plans for both me and my husband! Matthew's excellent educational videos, Nicole's great customer service, and Tristan's depth of knowledge & customer first focus all contributed to a very efficient experience versus what could have been a much longer, more challenging process without them. Instead, we were able to quickly get the answers we needed, identify the best options, and complete the enrollment process, knowing we had knowledgeable & experienced people at Medigap Seminars helping us every step of the way. Medigap Seminars' professionalism & excellent customer service was much appreciated and, honestly, not all that easy to find these days!
Dan Weeden
20:21 17 Jun 22
It's all about customer service at Medicare is complicated and it totally stressed me out when I first started the journey of trying to figure it all out.Initially, I searched YouTube and was fortunate to discover Medigap Seminars and Matthew Claussen. After contacting them, I was thoroughly impressed when I received a Skype call from the owner himself who spent over an hour talking me through the process and getting me placed in the best plans for my needs and my wallet.Since then, the follow-up care, over the past few years, has been exemplary. This brokerage is truly one of the best that I've dealt with throughout my 68 years. They make sure I'm always in the best plans for my bucks and keep me on my toes with all of the deadlines and renewals.A special shout-out for Marcene, my personal care agent. I'm a terrible procrastinator about returning calls, but she's relentless about making contact with me. Just today, she spent over an hour with me on the phone going through an application to a new provider, all in order to save me money while keeping me in the coverage I need. Excellent job Marcene!I highly recommend you contact these folks, whether you are just starting out on the confusing journey through Medicare or you just want to make sure you are getting the best deal out there.
Robert Guerra
22:43 16 Jun 22
Many persons have to deal with the unsavory prospect of going through a very unnecessary complicated, life threatening political policies that make the retirement a minefield. I am thankful for MediGap Seminars for being frank and speaking some of the uncomfortable truth. I appreciated Marcene being firm with me. I had mistaken policies of the prescriptions plans for those that didn't sign during the signup period for Medicare A and B. Is it possible for Congress, and the President to understand that the common Medicare A and B needs more skin in the game. Our skin is already payed for. It was payed forward being a productive member of society, raising families, financially supporting our children in college.
Kevin Clark
23:46 15 Jun 22
You know, sure Matthew's videos are just amazing and are what won me, but he also has staff members that do all the paperwork and handle the phone calls so I would highly recommend Marcene and this company.
Douglas Berman
16:32 15 Jun 22
Vondrea and Deb both provided excellent knowledge and time to easily navigate the circus of Medicare. Highly recommend watching Medigap videos prior to any discussion to increase ease. Great team!
mike king
18:17 11 Jun 22
My wife and I started watching these very informative and easy to understand videos by Matthew. He's the best on the internet. I am turning 65 in August. My wife called his 800 # and spoke with a wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable representative Marcene Alexis. She answered all of our questions and believe me we had many. Always very patient and willing to help. We are in the process of signing up with her assistance. I will recommend everyone to use this company and definitely recommend Marcene as well.
Colleen Egan
15:29 09 Jun 22
The videos were very helpful to learn about Medicare and the many choices that need to be made. I feel we were able to select a plan that took care of our needs. We were very educated in what we were receiving. All of our questions were answered.Tristan was very knowledgable about the products available and was able to answer any questions we had before we made our decision.
Chris Ruzicka
02:12 09 Jun 22
Due to a scheduling change I wasn't able to speak with Tristan at the appointed time. Deb was able to alert me and reschedule a time to speak with Vondrea . Vondrea was very helpful, answered all my questions and quickly got me signed up for a Medicare supplement plan.
Joan Turner
19:30 07 Jun 22
I couldnt have gotten thru enrolling for my husband and later for myself without all the great videos from Matt. The sales rep was helpful and really made a stressfull time very calm. Thanks so much for all you do!
Outta Illinois
21:35 06 Jun 22 was very helpful in my signing up for Plan G and Part D. It started with Matthew's easy to understand YouTube videos. Tristan was very knowledgeable & professional while signing me up for Plan G and directing me to Part D Shopper. Brittney was friendly and helpful when I needed help accessing my application confirmation. I will mention your company to anyone who needs help signing up for Medicare.
Stephen Morris
17:04 06 Jun 22
Andrea did a great job in helping me understand the last the different medicare supplemental plans and the companies that offer them.
00:28 03 Jun 22
Overall, a very positive experience—from the courteous person who answered my call and understood right away about my coverage deadline (and whose name, if I knew it, I would mention to thank), to the timely callback from Tristan. It was a quick turnaround and an encouraging sign of a well-run office with good internal communication. Completing the application over the phone with Tristan was straightforward and simple, and his patience in knowledgeably answering questions helpful—as was his follow through after the application had been submitted. In the end, it was an opportunity also to thank Matthew for his many useful videos. Keep up the good work!
Marian Tweedy
20:43 02 Jun 22
Vondrea was very knowledgeable and so helpful. She answered all of our questions, and we truly appreciated her assistance.
John Williams
15:35 02 Jun 22
Very friendly, very helpful. Tristan was great.
Andy Gomeringer
18:03 23 May 22
Marcene A provided excellent service. Walked me right through the entire process. Hassle free.
Walter Moore
17:15 20 May 22
My Experience with Medigap Seminars was excellent. I was able to negotiate thru the youtube videos in order and they made the process easier to understand. My first contact with Tristan was for information and direction on the process steps. Very helpful. Once I received my Medicare card I scheduled another appointment. This time it was Marcene that helped me through the enrollment process and answered all my Questions. I would recommend Medigap Seminars, Tristan & Marcene to anyone that is struggling to understand the Medicare process. Thanks Guys
jo jam
18:18 19 May 22
I was VERY pleased with my service. Their knowledge of Medicare is astounding!!! All of my questions were answered, and if they didn't know, they researched it. I will recommend Medigap to all who will listen. They also have very INFORMATIVE videos which can help answer your questions, and make you more aware of what you are dealing with with Medicare.PLEASE look at the videos and ASK questions. You wont be disappointed!
Tom R
20:34 18 May 22
When it's time to sign up for Medicare, it's extremely important that you have all the correct information and answers. Matthew Claassen's Medigap seminar videos on YouTube are very helpful. They help educate and give you a understanding on medicare and your choices. Matthew's videos give you the tools you need to help make a educated decision that is right for you. When I contacted via their web site for quotes, I was assigned to Vondrea Moss. Vondrea is extremely helpful and patient. She answered all of my questions and in my opinion, and the most important to me, she always responded quickly to any email or phone call I made. The sign up process was quick and easy. It took less than 20 minutes to sign up once I had made my choice. Thank you Matthew for your valuable videos and Vondrea for your help with the sign up process.
Tom Shannon
00:57 18 May 22
Very easy sign up process. Marcene was knowledgeable and was able to anser all my questions.
Pedro Leyva
23:13 17 May 22
Marcene was very helpful .
Joel Hoffman
19:54 17 May 22
After watching several youtube videos to educate myself on my upcoming enrollment for Medicare, I found the ones from MedigapSeminars to be most informative. I did some research on their organization and found nothing but excellent reviews. I did allow another Medicare salesman to speak with me, but felt like it was a sales pitch with a predetermined product in mind. I decided to let Medigap handle my needs and Marcene Alexis has been great at taking time to answer my questions and always getting back to me quickly when she is not available due to another call. I have everything set up now and just waiting to get started.
Michael Maruschak
01:46 16 May 22
I called Medigap seminars for guidance. Tristan was very helpful and answered all my questions.
Rick Ledford
14:34 13 May 22
Couldn't have been happier with whole experience. Tristan and Marcine were not only helpful, but very professional and pleasant. They were courteous throughout the whole process. You Tube is a tremendous asset. Thank you for a wonderful experience. No doubt I picked the right broker.
Kay Huff
21:34 11 May 22
Selecting the right medicare supplement on my own was very overwhelming. Watching the videos was very helpful and Tristan made the process very easy. She was so kind and helpful. A great experience!
Sandra R
12:47 11 May 22
I highly recommend Medigap Seminars! Matthew does a excellent job explaining the process with his many videos. My husband and I worked with Vondrea Moss. She made the process smooth and easy to understand. She provided us with supplement quotes and followed up with a phone call to make sure we understood our options. Thank you for helping us make the right choice for us.
Thomas Willingham
20:37 10 May 22
Vondrea Moss was great to work with. She was very professional friendly and answered all my questions. I believe having Matthew Claassen and his team will be a great benefit thank you for all you do
Barb Schroeder
19:44 10 May 22
Medicare stuff can be maddening for old folks. Thanks to viewing many of Matthew Claassen's (he sure has a lot of double letters in his name) videos on YouTube (the best ones I've found, by the way), I knew that I wanted to deal with his company to navigate my options for additions to my original Medicare starting this year. (Before I had thought about calling my local SHIP office, but decided, heck, I don't need to.) Matthew has great people working for him, and I think I may have lucked into one of his best employees. Vondrea was so sweet, helpful, kind, and patient in helping with my specific Medigap G plan. She made it a breeze and is so nice to talk to.
Wayne Laue
14:31 10 May 22
Matt, I appreciate the great service and your seminar videos in explaining how it works. I especially appreciate your staff member Vondrea for walking me through all the questions i had. Looking forward to a long and safe relationship. Take care. Wayne
vickie kennedy
22:40 06 May 22
Thank you Matthew Claassen, with Medigap, for all the informative videos you have available on You Tube to help me understand the in's & out's of Medicare.Your delightful staff were very helpful in assisting me when signing upfor the Medicare supplement. From the beginning of the call, Deb Firsttook my information, & very kindly had my call returned in a timely manner.I then was assisted by your Senior Customer Representative, Marcene Alexis, who guided me through the process of the necessary steps to obtain my chosen Medicare supplement plan. She was veryknowledgeable in suggesting dental, vision, and hearing insurance as wellas sending me a link to find the best prescription drug plan for Medicare Part D. This process can be overwhelming, but with everyone's help,I'm finding my way through. Good job to you & your team!
Paul Garth
15:07 03 May 22
Vondrea made the process easy. The knowledge she brought to the process was invaluable. I was also am very impressed with the Medicare part D website.
Frederick Ruderman
19:09 25 Apr 22
I was very happy working with and especially pleased with insurance agent Vondrea. I had many different insurance agencies to choose from and Vondrea was the positive difference maker for me and for my decision to work with this firm. Vondrea is very knowledgeable and easy to speak with. I highly recommend and Vondrea.
Cindie Jorge
13:24 23 Apr 22
Representative Marcene was very thorough and helpful. I had recently become eligible for Medicare and my own search for a Medicare plan was daunting until I contacted Matthew and spoke with Marcene. Through her the process was super simple and she found me an excellent plan. I highly recommend them.
Chuck Mungan
21:07 18 Apr 22
It was a fantastic experience dealing with Marcene. She was very helpful, kind and extremely knowledgeable. I look forward to working with her and the rest of the staff in the future.
Zighen Aym
19:45 18 Apr 22
Thanks to Matthew's videos. I learned not only what is plan is best for me but also how to avoid potential errors or wasting time comparing wrong information. The rates I got from Marcene was the best. She asked me the questions that got me 10% reductions. She was pleasant and we joked a little bit about life. Overall, great customer service.
Jim Largess
19:16 15 Apr 22
Vondrea was thorough and extremely helpful. Medicare is complicated but she made it easy for us to understand. It is good to know she's there anytime we might have a question. We're so glad we found MedigapSeminars.
Al Jimenez
22:04 14 Apr 22
Outstanding experience with Vondrea Moss was exceptional in her proactive and forthcoming help and advice. She is knowledgeable and quick to respond and very friendly to work with.The YouTube videos were the reason I picked them to work with. A lot of information presented in an organized and detailed way. I must have watch 15-20 videos that helped me.
mary cg
20:21 14 Apr 22
Thank you Matthew Claassen of for making the very confusing topic of medicare insurance so understandable. The informative you tube videos have been extremely helpful, in learning and avoiding the pitfalls of making the wrong choice. I was so impressed with, that when I was ready to enroll I called them and spoke with Tristan. He made sure I understood the pros and cons of each medigap policy I was considering. The application process was easy and it was soon approved. Thank you, Tristan, for all your assistance with the process. I am so very happy that I found!
17:09 13 Apr 22
Informative, providing any help as needed,very satisfied with this program hope all who is in need of information finds this site.
Barry O'Sullivan
20:30 11 Apr 22
Candy from the MedigapSeminars team was very responsive and helpful. I was new to the whole Medicare process and really needed her help. She made it a very smooth and worry-free experience. I highly recommend MedigapSeminars !
Sravudh Pimsen
18:43 07 Apr 22
Great experience! Marcene made the process very easy, was helpful and professional. Thank you!
DM Baker
17:32 07 Apr 22
Everyone new to Medigap or it's alternatives needs to seek this service that is rich in information which is simply presented and super organized. My agent, named Tristan responded via text within hours of my request providing details my hours of research did not reveal. Tristan is insightful, great listener, and his service score is a Hugh 10! I like phone calls so nothing is missed, and having left my phone # for a call back at night I received a call early morning and through that process was able to choose a plan for me and be setup for the application and approval by phone, what exceptional service. A total of 1/2 hour on my part to resolve all matters to enroll in a Medigap plan with all information completed. I am grateful for this service, Tristan and his boss demonstrate customer service with care and concern. I do not have home internet, so this is such a blessing to work with people that care. Thank you Tristan!
Mike Vaden
00:04 07 Apr 22
Vondrea Moss did an outstanding job from answering our questions through getting us enrolled in a plan G.
Yavanae Vaden
15:38 06 Apr 22
Vondrea Moss did a wonderful job guiding my husband through the daunting process of getting our Medicare supplemental insurance.
Eric Lesko
02:19 06 Apr 22
Great customer service. Marcene A. from MedigapSeminars helped my wife and I sign up for part G, then followed up with a phone call when our application was accepted by the insurance company. Will definitely use again for our yearly update with part D.
William B
23:09 05 Apr 22
Matthew and his team have helped us more than I can say. The YouTube videos are the best I have seen and explain all the complex details in a way that make it all very understandable. After asking for a quote Marcene Alexis reached out to us and working with her was easy and very informative. She answered all my questions and helped us find just the right plan. I am very happy.
Patty Lesko
00:52 05 Apr 22
Marcene A. was very helpful and patient, and answered any questions we had. We are very happy we chose to go with MedigapSeminars. She assured us that if we had any further questions we should call. Thanks for all your help.....
Steven Goettel
17:21 04 Apr 22
Medigap Seminars were very informative in helping me thru the selection process. Marcene Alexis was there to help me with answers for my questions and assisted me in my selection of coverage plans.
Rick & Connie Hoying
19:17 01 Apr 22
Marcene was incredibly helpful. She is definitely the gold standard in helping me understand Medicare Supplement insurance.
Kenn Harvey
22:11 31 Mar 22
Amid all the confusion it was great to have free access to Mathew's videos and then having Tristen to talk me through it was extremely helpful!
David Mullins
22:36 29 Mar 22
Great people to work with. Mr. Claassen's video seminars are clear and easy to follow. For my enrollment I had the pleasure of working with his associate, Vondrea Moss. Very personable and knowledgeable. I felt like I was dealing with a friend the whole time. All in all a seamless and very comfortable experience. I'd give it a 10 if I could.
jennifer fitzsimmons
11:34 29 Mar 22
After spending months on my own researching my Medicare options I was so relieved to discover on YouTube. The videos Matthew Claassen has put together that are specific to each issue make it so much easier to get a handle on all the “ins & outs” and truly helped me choose the best medigap policy and company for me and my personal needs.The few questions that remained were comprehensively answered by his representative, Marcene Alexis in emails and over the phone when she helped me with my application. Marlene was very patient, knowledgeable and professional and got me all set up with my electronic application. She also made it clear that she and medigap seminars are there for any questions or needs I may have going forward.I couldn’t be more pleased with Marcene and all the help I received from her and Matthew’s medigap
Tag Simler
18:18 26 Mar 22
What a wonderful experience with Marcene. Medicare is a very complicated thing. Marcene was able to answer all of my questions and actually provided some answers to questions that I didn't know I had. Fantastic guidance. In addition, she is available to me should I have any questions or issues in the future. If I could give her 10 stars, I would.
Monica Davis
12:07 26 Mar 22
I discovered Matthew through the videos at which are the most informative videos to understand Medicare. He explains the various options in simple terms as well as valuable information to make an informed decision on which supplement to choose. I called the agency and Marcene was great! She took time over a month, to answer my questions and further explain Medicare Parts B and D and the steps to take to apply for my insurance. I can't thank her enough!
Thomas Smith
11:24 24 Mar 22
Marcene Alexis worked with me to choose and purchase a supplement plan for my mother. She was great to work with from the beginning to the end. It was a pleasure to work with her. Thanks so much for your great service.
Paul Engel
12:02 23 Mar 22
When all my friends start running around, banging their heads against the wall, going nuts over trying to decide what to do once they become eligible for Medicare, I calm them down by telling them to make a pot of coffee and watch Medigap Seminars' videos. The wealth of information is staggering, and it's presented in a most informative and interesting way. I set up a phone appointment with Tristan and he helped me enroll in my Medicare supplement plan. It was so easy! It felt like spending time with a friend, someone who was genuinely interested in helping me and not just selling me a policy and moving on. As an old liberal, I'd be remiss if I didn't bemoan the fact that we in the US have to jump through all the hoops we do just to obtain health insurance, but since nothing is going to change in the near term, if ever, I cannot recommend Medigap Seminars highly enough. It really does feel like having a friend helping you through the maze. Thanks guys!
Gennady Lukin
19:23 18 Mar 22
I have used to enroll me into Medicare Supplement Insurance after watching excellent YouTube videos by Matthew Claassen. Tristan Gregory has provided me with a lot of information and then Vondrea Moss (during Tristan absence due to illness) helped me to apply for the insurance. I am really glad that I have found this company. Thank YOU All! Looking forward to working with for a long time!
Matthew Peters
16:04 18 Mar 22
I can recommend Medigap Seminars without reservation. Marcene was very helpful, answered all of my questions, and made the application process efficient and easy.
Fawn Chang
22:35 17 Mar 22
There are so many YouTube videos on Medicare, but in my opinion this is the best place to be educated and enrolled in Medicare. Mathew has done a great job explaining all the subjects of Medicare so that we can make informed decisions for ourselves. Mathew has also made Medicare enrollment extremely easy and transparent. Thanks again Mathew for helping us every step of the way! Agent Tristin is also amazing and very helpful, I definitely recommend him to everyone.
Konjit Gebrehiwot
21:47 16 Mar 22
21:56 15 Mar 22
Thank you Matthew Klaasen and Marcene Alexis at MedigapSeminars. After watching all of the educational videos (can watch on Youtube and on their website) Matthew Klaasen has produced on everything about Medicare and everything that goes with it, I had a firm grasp on signing up for Original Medicare, a Medigap Plan as well as how to determine the right Plan D for my prescriptions. Who else would I call but With all of the education I had received, I knew that this was a company that invested in its customers. Marcene Alexis was my MedigapSeminar independent broker, and she exceeded my expectations in terms of her customer service, her Medicare/Medigap knowledge, her professionalism and warm personality, and her ability to answer all of my questions. In addition, after a week of thinking through my options, Marcene signed me up for my chosen Plan G in a matter of minutes. I appreciate your excellent customer service.
Robert Porteus
21:15 15 Mar 22
Very impressed with how easy miss Moss made this process. Extremmely satified with the policy they recommended and the way it was explaiined. I am looking forard to working with them and feel like they really do have my back.
Uncle Gid
16:55 15 Mar 22
Medigap Seminars was very responsive and great to deal with. I talked to Tristan who explained all of the options in a very clear way. I recommend this company to anyone with Medicare needs whether it be medigap plans, advantage plans, drug plans, or anything else along those lines.
Paul Hafner
16:06 02 Mar 22
Informative videos to help decipher the medicare application process and pitfalls (gotcha traps) to avoid! Prompt return of calls to answer questions. Highly recommend checking this out before you make a costly mistake. Highly recommend anyone to watch their video's before signing up for the first time, and annual renewal periods. Their website helps one compare products to find your best value for the every diminishing dollar. We are helped by them every year! Highly recomend!
Barry Bluth
17:48 01 Mar 22
I learned more about Medicare by watching MedigapSeminars videos than talking to friends or relatives. When it came time to sign up for Medicare, Tristan was very helpful and efficient. I'm all set to go.
Alice Houmann
23:38 28 Feb 22
I was very pleased with my conversation with both Deb and Tristan. I was so dreading trying to figure out which supplement plan for my Medicare. I was in tears just thinking about it! My husband promised to rush home from work to help me, but before he came, I checked out the website that very clearly explained the plans, so I said a prayer and called the number. Deb welcomed me like a friend! After getting the information she needed, she transferred me to Tristan without making me feel like I had to start all over again, he picked up where she left off, and clearly explained all I needed to know. By the time my husband got home, we knew what was right for us! As I told Tristan, “I didn’t even cry!” Great job!
Ladawn Rasmussen
20:23 28 Feb 22
There’s a lot of consumer- supportive material on this website! Medigap is exceptional (and patient) in answering questions and providing general explanations. My 4-star rating is because I felt a lack of necessary information to make a choice for my specific needs with regards to plan D; it quickly became apparent that Medicare does not provide any coverage for my one prescription (I found much more honest and specific info regarding this from another similar site) and after significant searching elsewhere, I felt better armed to make a viable choice. Both Deb and Marcene were quite helpful (and the phone receptionist is a gem, too!)
Thank you Vondrea and Medigap Seminars for helping us navigate the sometimes murky waters of Medicare… with your guidance, we were able to select a plan and get signed up with no issues. We highly recommend Medigap Seminars to all who are trying to figure it all out… 5 Stars!
Don Eige
23:20 24 Feb 22
Marcine was a huge help setting me up with the medigap insurance policy that was best for me. She answered all of my questions and explained everything in a way I could easily understand.
Nancy Didriksen
21:07 24 Feb 22
Efficient and knowledgeable. My existing policy was replaced by one whichis 50% less expensive. I have already recommended this agency to someone else.
B Solheim
18:03 24 Feb 22
Tristan Gregory made the process of signing up for Supplemental coverage easy and quick. He is very clear and responsive and also, significantly, available.
Glenn Stefanski
17:54 24 Feb 22
The Medigap Seminars Insurance Agency services, education, and support teams are fabulous! Marcene helped me navigate the Medigap plans and process effortlessly. I am extreamly pleased with their quick and accurate responses along with their dedication and customer support!
Robin C.
20:38 23 Feb 22
When I came across this channel on YouTube, I knew they were the ones to help me find a plan. Matthew explains everything slowly & thoroughly, making it so easy to understand how Medigap works. I was so confused before. I learned a lot, watching all his videos.
barbara rupp
20:33 18 Feb 22
Tristan was very knowledgeable and patient. It helps to watch the videos. The phone call was less than 10 minutes and I was all signed up.
Wayne Rasmussen
19:35 18 Feb 22
We watched the videos and that is what sold us on When we call, Marcene Alexis helped us through the process. She was knowledgeable and so helpful with all of our questions. There was no rush or pushing to a decision. Great process. Thanks much.
23:37 17 Feb 22
Great service & invaluable source of information that provides their clients ample insight & confidence to make informed decisions! Tristan was a real pleasure to work with !
Wilbert Todman
14:17 17 Feb 22
Rick Irizarry
23:01 15 Feb 22
Vondrea is very knowledgeable, thoughtful, and helpful. She was able to answer all of my questions.
Joe Emerson
20:30 11 Feb 22
MedigaSeminars YouTube videos were very helpful and my agent Tristan did a great job walking me through my options.
Ken Setter
21:05 10 Feb 22
I have been very pleased with our experience with While researching Medicare supplemental policies and companies, I found and watched several of Matthew Claassen's YouTube videos. He does the best job I've found of explaining the various policies and most importantly the rationale behind what he recommends.We have been on a supplemental plan for several years with a good company but had only dealt with the agents they sent us to. I was interested in finding an independent agent who could help us find the best insurance company and policy for our situation not only now but in the future. I feel very confident that we have found that.I worked with Marcene Alexis who was very patient to review our situation and needs over a couple of phone calls. Matthew was also available for her to consult with. It is so nice to know I'm not going to need to spend hours looking at insurance companies in the future to know if we should be making any changes. I look forward to a long relationship with
Jerry K.
21:33 09 Feb 22
I had access to all prices for Medigap policies in my state, but what I could not determine on my own was the price increase history and what companies offered the best deals overall vs. a low "buy-in" price when considering the history of price increases. Marcene from Medigapseminars quickly provided me with a quote and I was able to discuss the quote in more detail over the phone. I confirmed the price was the same as indicated in my state's insurance price document, and she confirmed that the company had a history of stable and low price increases. I was able to sign up to the plan over the phone with no issues, and I have greater confidence that it is not a low-ball price.
Thomas Winters
17:28 09 Feb 22
I recently qualified to apply for Medicare. There is so much information I felt overwhelmed. Fortunately, I found The videos presented by Matthew Claassen are both informative and helpful. Matthew covers many important topics. When I called their toll-free number, I spoke to a very pleasant representative. She collected some personal information so they could send a written estimate for the supplements they recommend. Shortly after the phone call I received an email with their suggestions attached. I then requested a phone meeting with one of their representatives to further discuss the information I received. One week later I spoke with Tristan Gregory. He was able to answer all of my questions and we set up another meeting next month to start the enrollment process. My experience with has been extremely positive. I'm convinced that I've been able to make the best decision for me with the help of this company. I highly recommend them for anyone who has to make decisions regarding their Medicare coverage options.
23:11 08 Feb 22
Matt, I've been watching your videos for a couple years. With the help of Marcene Alexis I have made the best informed decision possible. Marcene also went above and beyond to help me in my prescription concerns. Thank you for all the information,
Don Davidson
20:28 07 Feb 22
Marcene Alexis of MedigapSeminars did a fantastic job of helping us with our Medicare choices. Always helpful in answering all our Medicare questions and steering us in the right direction. We could not be happier with the results.
Margie Tinsley
23:12 06 Feb 22
Medigap was a courteous and efficient organization that helped my husband and myself with our Medicare Supplemental insurance. Vondrea was the person who helped me through the entire process.
Gloria Simpson
07:33 04 Feb 22
I appreciate the professional yet friendly way that Vondrea Moss intelligently and patiently answered all my many questions—she did everything she said she would do and went above and beyond to be sure I got what I needed!I actually enjoyed doing business with Medigap Seminars! Even Nicole and one other person who answered the phones were courteous and helpful!
Boris Kharkhurin
22:27 03 Feb 22
Great service. Very efficient. I received good procing and have all my questions answered.
Jim Moran
01:01 03 Feb 22 is Excellent at cutting thru the many Plans and the processes that help you get exactly what you need. The Youtubes they publish frequently are perfect as well....I have worked directly with Marcene & she really knew her stuff !!!
Joann Santoni
20:29 02 Feb 22
After being confused about all the Medicare choices and searching for a few months I came across Matt Classsen’s YouTube Medicap Seminars videos. I called his agency and spoke to Brittany who made me feel at ease since I had been been so confused. She set me up with a phone consultation with Marcene Alexis. Marcene was so helpful and got me all signed up for a Medigap Insurance that suits my needs and that I can afford. I highly recommend checking this agency out if you’re confused what to do when choosing a Medicare Supplement Insurance.
Melissa Bell
18:06 02 Feb 22
My husband and I really got a lot of information from their videos; really helped with the research. And then speaking with Vondrea the representative was so calming and reassuring. They provide a great service!
Carole Scherzer
03:12 02 Feb 22
Matthew Claassen and his professional, knowledgeable Team made navigating the complexities of Medicare and all its Parts and Plans much easier to understand. Through his straightforward informative videos, his honesty, and detailed presentations, we were able to feel confident and relieved about our choices. Thanks to all of you! Bill & Carole S
Mark Habermehl
23:21 01 Feb 22
Tristan worked with me to assure I received the coverage I wanted. My Medicare enrollment was delayed and Tristan made sure that the supplemental policy was in place as soon as I received my enrollment information. I'm glad to have an agent that is responsive when I have problems.
Gina Wood
20:08 28 Jan 22
Marcene was very knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant! She answered all my questions and helped me to decide on my options. Matthew’s videos are sooo informative and helpful in learning about Medicare!!
Jane Maher
17:00 26 Jan 22
Vondre was very knowledgeable and friendly. Made the process of switching to Medicare so much easier.
Nancy Koder
19:56 24 Jan 22
Cel Dymecki
22:40 22 Jan 22
To prepare for making Medicare selection decisions, I began my research last year. I looked at and talked to numerous resources to gather information. The seminars at definitely provided the most comprehensive information. I spent several hours reviewing these seminars, took copious notes but still had questions. I scheduled a phone call with Matthew Claassen's executive advisor Marcene Alexis. Marcene was extremely knowledgeable and professional. She answered all my questions with clear explanations and assisted me with my Medicare Supplemental Insurance enrollment. I highly recommend for researching and providing the Medicare coverage best for the individual's needs.
Louie Osborne
23:31 21 Jan 22
Medigap seminars, in my opinion, are the best. Vondrea was my agent.She was so patient and pleasant to talk to.She explained every thing in detail and made signing up so easy. Deb, the office manager, was very helpful in getting me to the right person I needed.I also talked toTristan earlier and he also was very helpful in guiding me along the way. Thank you Mathew for a good company to do business with.
Jewell U
22:21 21 Jan 22
My husband and I are so happy to have found Each interaction we have had with this company over the past year has been very positive. When helping to set up Medicare Supplemental Coverage for us Deb, Sherry and Marcene were all so very pleasant to work with. Each of them was very knowledgeable, personable and patient as they answered a multitude of questions and helped in the application process. We highly recommend to anyone looking for a great company with excellent customer service.
Pat Dorner
22:23 19 Jan 22
I am new to Medicare. Marcene was very helpful in recommending a plan and helping me to get set up. She was able to answer my questions and help me understand the benefits of one plan versus another.
David Hawkes
19:33 19 Jan 22
I found Matthew's videos to be the most imformvative and helpful that I could find. Vandrea helped me decide what option was the best for me. She answered every question I had and took the time to inform me on not only my policy today but what I could expect in the future. I did a lot of research before making my decision, which will have many implications in my future coverage. I'm comfortable with my decision and looking forward to working with Mathew in the future, it's also nice knowing if an issue arises in my coverage I can rely on the help I can get to resolve it.
Danny Everett
04:36 19 Jan 22
I watched your videos on YouTube and felt i could trust you.that is the reason I chose you as my agent. The lady i 1st talked to ( can’t remember her name) was very helpful and made me feel comfortable. She put me in touch with Mrs Mareene who helped me choose the right plan. Things are difficult for me and Marcene and the lady who answers the phone made it easy for me so thanks again. Danny Everett
ron ippolito
10:34 18 Jan 22
Vondrea Moss was very good and was helpful with making a choice with my coverage .
Georgia Kalarney-Meo
03:11 13 Jan 22
I love the YouTube videos. You learn so much. So, I reached out to them when it was time for me to choose a medicare supplement plan.I had an absolutely delightful customer service experience selecting my medicare supplement plan with the expert assistance of Tristan Gregory and Matthew Claassen.I found them to be very friendly, compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and patient. I felt listened to and heard, as well as understood and supported. My customer service experience felt very personalized, the best customer service experience I've ever had.I feel very supported and reassured by their philosophy of "taking great pride in providing customers top-notch service both before and after purchasing a policy."Sincerely,Georgia K
Stuart Thomas
20:05 12 Jan 22
I'm very fortunate to have Tristan as my agent.
Kevin Johnson
02:19 12 Jan 22
MedigapSeminars have got it together! If you want to understand the Webb of details needed to make a wise decision then look no further. Matthew,Thank You for your genuine concern for those of us that have trouble comprehending Medicare! Your team of representatives have a clear understanding as you do . Tristan was outstanding at relaying the needed information and will gladly look forward to talking with him more in the future.
Roberto Saucedo
21:50 11 Jan 22
I had Tristan as my agent and he did a fantastic job in recommending what options I had for my Medigap and part D. I highly recommend him. Thanks Tristan for making this complex medicare information easy.
Donna Kitchens
18:32 11 Jan 22
Randy and I both use Medigap Seminars for our connection with Medigap. It is a great way for peace of mind to make decisions for your health benefits. Vondrea was great. She was easy to talk with, informative with our questions and took care of all our needs. We both highly recommend Medigap and Matthew for all your Medicare assistance.God bless,Randy and Donna
Poppy Maguire
22:41 10 Jan 22
Vondrea Moss at was extremely thoughtful, efficient and organized. It was a pleasure doing business with her and I feel far more confident and comfortable with the process of establishing my Medicare needs now. When I first started on my own, the process was confusing and overwhelming, and Ms. Moss took my needs in hand and made the whole experience a positive one. Thank you Ms. Moss!
Ed Bettencourt
23:54 07 Jan 22
These guys are well versed in the medicare supplemental plans. I did research before finding them, and knew a lot, but their videos (which are chock full of info and easy to digest) added some important nuance to what I needed to know. I worked with Marcene who was knowledgeable and easy to deal with. No pressure. Answered all my questions. I looked elsewhere just as a sanity check, but came back and purchased from They will also help you during the year with any questions or claims issues.
Patsy Busi
21:37 07 Jan 22
Excellent company !They go out of their way to make sure you get the best possible coverage to fit your needs.With the best Insurance company that has the best reputation.You can trust them.
David Greenberg
01:50 07 Jan 22
Marcene was very helpfull in guiding what I learned from the MedigapSeminars to making a decision on the provider and the specific Medigap plan.
Ralph Wright
20:27 06 Jan 22
Tristan was very helpful in aiding me to understand my choices.
Larry Gunning
19:45 05 Jan 22
My experience with Matthew Clausen Company was perfect for me. Slow step by step with my questions and answers to help me choose the path best for myself. Made my choices and signed up for my switch one plan to another. Thanks for being the advocate to help me. Looking forward feeling safe and continuing contact when needed. Larry Gunning.
Mark Saftner
01:11 05 Jan 22
By watching many medigap seminars on YouTube, I feel confident I am making the right choice with my medicare supplement. I listened to many other medicare videos on YouTube that were good, but once I heard Matthew I knew I was done looking at other videos. He was very informative, clear and to the point. I couldn't be happier with what Medigap Seminars has taught me and I look forward to working with them for a long time. My agent Marcene Alexis answered any questions I had and had me signed up quickly. Thanks to all!!
Martha Camara
20:16 04 Jan 22
I am so glad that I watched Matthew's informative and easy to understand Youtube videos. I do not understand why Medicare is so difficult to understand and apply for but Matthew made the process so easy. Many thanks to Matthew's staff but a shout out to Tristan who helped me through the process and got me signed up, patiently answered all my questions and even got information and quotes for me on dental, vision and hearing - THANK YOU TRISTAN!
john butera
16:47 03 Jan 22
Has a recent retiree getting Medicare supplement for the first time they made it quite easy and everything went smoothly.
Richard Nunez
15:00 31 Dec 21
Matthew Claasen and his team are very professional and knowledgeable. When I called their 800 number and inquired regarding Medicare supplement plans, Tristan Gregory promptly reached out to me with available plans and competitive prices. I purchased one of those plans and the enrollment process was quick and painless. I especially like the fact that research on my part was minimal. Matthew has done the leg work for you. They will also provide helpful services and advice down the line. Highly recommended!
16:16 30 Dec 21
I was quite pleased with the service that I received from Marcene today. Matthews Claassen’s group made it so easy to understand the process in helping me enroll in the Medicare Supplement that I neededKeith Roberson
Kris Hodge
23:55 29 Dec 21
Both Vondrea and Tristan were friendly, helpful, and professional.They both helped me get the application done despite the lateness of my application.
Petey McClory
16:11 29 Dec 21
Y hysnbs d researched extensively yo hind the best supplemental coverage. This was made so much easier with the help and information given by Matthew Claassen and Vondra. Great representatives.
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