Turning 65 & Overpriced Medicare Supplements

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What if you could lower your Medicare insurance premiums by $100’s per year without changing your insurance coverage, without changing your doctor, without changing anything except your bill?   In this video I show real life examples of how you can do just that.    We also talk about one of the biggest mistakes people make when they get their first Medigap plan.  It’s a mistake that will end up costing them thousands of dollars over their lifetime. This brief video is for people new to Medicare or those that have received uncomfortable price increases and want to know if they have an overpriced Medicare supplement plan. 


Our mission is to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your Medicare.

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If you are new to Medicare by just turning 65 or simply new to Medicare Part B, or if you have an existing Medicare Supplement and due to recent price increases want to know if it’s an overpriced Medicare Supplement, we can help.

Our service is free.  You cannot save money or reduce your Medicare Supplement premiums by not using our service.  As an independent insurance broker, we offer all Medicare Supplement plans from all major carriers.  We put all the cards on the table for you and show you all your options and costs. That alone saves you days of work.  Then you decide the right plan and company for you.  When you work with us, the insurance company you choose to insure you will pay our commission out of their pocket, not yours.  You cannot reduce your premium by doing it yourself.